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Residential lots in Uvita

Listed by Daveed Hollander

Summary: Finincing available!

All options below are covered in our FLY & BUY program.

Property ID Number: 745595
Specific Property Type: Single family
Listing Status: Active
Price (US$): $72,000
Geographic Area: South Pacific Beaches
Property City: Uvita
Neighborhood: Uvita
Meters Squared or Hectares: 5002 sqm
Lot Size (sq. Ft.) - Farm Acreage: 1.23 acres

All options below are covered in our FLY & BUY program. Please ask you agent for more info.

Option One:
10% Down Payment at Signing.
3 year Term with Quarterly payments that include equal amortization of principal and carries and interest charge of 10%.
No pre-payment penalties unless lot is re-sold.

Option Two:
30% Down Payment at signing
3 Year Term with Quarterly payments which include equal amortization of principal and carries interest charge of 10%.
No pre-payment penalties unless lot is re-sold.

Option Three:
50% Down Payment at Signing and remaining 50% principal due in the form of a balloon payment in 12 months.
No interest and no pre-payment penalty unless lot is re-sold.

No money down on any lot for a year if the client starts building construction first quart of 2010.

Our Philosophy is a simple one. We believe that our residents want to watch troops of monkeys frolic through the trees, toucans perching in the trees, enjoy the restored native landscape transition through seasons, while having the comfort that the water they are drinking and the air they are breathing is among the finest on the planet. We have taken it upon ourselves to “Be that change in the World.”

Private Reserve communities offer you a place to live and protect large flora and fauna corridors found along this coast. As many who are reading this know, the majority of development has been done poorly and without proper planning. We have taken the opposite approach by letting nature dictate to us the terms in which should develop property. Our first and foremost consideration was to protect the land, environment and culture of the community and region surrounding Tierra Pacifica. While we may have purchased the land, we know will never truly own it!

+ Ocean and Mountain Views
+ Master-planned Gated Community with Planned Amenities
+ Green Zone with Hiking Trails and Benches
+ Water Retention Systems
Property Features
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