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Virtual Travel Location Weddings and Transport Agency for sale

Listed by Ivo Henfling

Summary: Three businesses in one, have control over all three aspects of this lucrative business.

Property ID Number: 4403
Specific Property Type: Commercial Business
Listing Status: Active
Price (US$): $380,000
Geographic Area: San Jose areas
Property City: Escazu
Neighborhood: Guachipelin de Escazu
Property Description:
If you're looking for a 20% return on your money, invest in the lucrative business. The actual owner needs a change of business after 14 years of hard work.

Company characteristics have been outlined as follows:

Principal Company: Travel & Tour agency
Function: All aspects of receptive tourism
History: Founded in 1996 by a group of local hotel owners who pooled their marketing efforts to provide a more complete and professional service for their guests.
Description: 100% virtual travel agency with more than 14 years serving thousands of tourists and operating from home!. Clientele is principally of the FIT (free Independent traveler) type coming mainly from USA, Canada and Europe and the target market is the middle to high-middle class range.

Company 2: Destination Weddings.
Function: Planning and organization of Weddings
History: 2004: With the ever increasing competition between the multitudes of Internet marketers, this company needed a niche in the tourist Industry in order not to get buried amongst the masses.
Description: 100% virtual Destination Wedding Planning agency with 6 years planning more than 200 weddings and operating from home.

Company 3: Transport Agency.
Function: Tourist transportation
History: The youngest member of the family was founded in 2010 with the purchase of a brand new white Hyundai H1 minibus.
Description: 100% virtual Transport agency operating from home.
The agencies contract numerous amounts of all types of vehicles, for both the wedding and tourist parties. This vehicle was purchased as the “flag ship” of the company, mainly for our own staff during weddings and also to assure that we have a brand new bus, providing a top quality service for those extra special occasions.

More info available on request. The photos shown on the listing are generic photos.
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