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A 9,700-ft2 Commercial Building with Tremendous Potential

Listed by Patrick Mulheren

Summary: Three-level building, including roof-top terrace with great view, with tremendous potential in downtown San Jose.

Property ID Number: 4743
Specific Property Type: Commercial Building
Listing Status: Active
Price (US$): $695,000
Geographic Area: San Jose areas
Property City: San Jose (downtown)
Neighborhood: Barrio Amon
Meters Squared or Hectares: 300 m2
Lot Size (sq. Ft.) - Farm Acreage: 3,200 ft2
Construction (sq. ft.): 9,700
Property Description: Barrio Amon/El Carmen, San Jose - This three-level, 9,700-ft2 (900-m2) commercial building is a fantastic property with potential that's only limited by your imagination. This corner property was recently restored, including the addition of a third-level roof terrace that's fully supported by the addition of steel beams all the way to ground level. With frontage on two streets, and multiple entrances and window openings, the current owner originally planned on developing the property with a "one stop shopping" concept. His ideas included:

- First Floor: A restaurant in one corner of the building, with a bar on the other side, with a laundromat to the rear (so you can relax and have some drinks while you wash your clothes); with a café on another side that could sell coffee, pastries, etc., from the street window (but also have an entrance for people to come in and sit); with an Internet cafe (with it's own entrance) on the street level; etc.

- Second Floor: An "hotel", with the potential for up to eight or nine bedrooms (each with their own bath), as well as some social area.

- Third Floor: Restaurant/bar. This level is approximately 1/2 fully enclosed, 1/4 open but under roof, and 1/4 open (uncovered). The views from that level are excellent (which is highly unusual from a downtown location), looking toward the mountains/volcanoes in the distance! The nighttime atmosphere would be wonderful.

It's a great location, within easy walking distance of downtown San Jose, with good foot traffic in the area, etc. This is an excellent commercial building with tremendous potential at a great price.

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