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Buyers of Costa Rica real estate will be able to find suppliers before moving to Costa Rica. Hence, it is important to find International real estate services and suppliers like home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and real estate attorneys. Also, builders and translators are very necessary resources.

Allow us to assist you in your search for those services and suppliers.

Home inspectors

Costa Rica real estate Suppliers

Costa Rica home inspector Tom Rosenberger

Legal suppliers

Petersen & Philps, a Costa Rica law firm specializing in Costa Rica real estate

Real estate buyers, before signing a purchase-sale agreement on a property in Costa Rica, we recommend to first contact legal suppliers. Because they are the experts.

Costa Rica real estate Suppliers

Lic. Francisco Molinero Hernandez – LandCo® Real Estate Legal Services

LandCo® Real Estate Legal Services knows every real estate transaction is different and every client needs different things. That is why, from start to finish, LandCo® takes the time to make sure that each client is receiving exactly what they want and what their deal requires.

The LandCo® professionals are licensed Costa Rica lawyers and attorneys and also have degrees in Law, Real Estate, Business Administration, and Finance. Because we also use them for our transactions.


Contact by E-mail  Phone +506-2201-6431 or check their website

Pacheco, Marin & Asociados, attorneys in San Jose

Planning for residency in Costa Rica? Contact residency suppliers before flying down, so they can tell you what documents to bring with you.

Costa Rica real estate Suppliers

Mortgage Brokers

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Need mortgage suppliers at an affordable mortgage rate? To be able to get a bank mortgage in Costa Rica, you need to be a resident. Therefore, buyers should contact the following banks and see if they can assist you


For a mortgage on a property in Costa Rica, you can contact Brigitte Guido Castro | Oficial de Relaciones | Sucursal Pavas. Because we also use their services.
Scotiabank | Costa Rica | Carretera a Pavas Frente a Cemaco | San José, Costa Rica
Tel.: (506) 2290-9122 ext 4109 l Directo (506) 2290-9128 | Fax: (506) 2231-4892 | brigitte.guido@scotiabank.com

Also ask her about how to pre-qaulify as a non-resident in Costa Rica.

Banco Lafisse

Call Josué Guzmán, business executive at Banco Lafisse 2246-2000 ext. 2319 or email jguzmanb@lafise.com for information about a mortgage when buying property in Costa Rica.

Finally, if you have any special questions that you don’t find the answer to, check on our blog or send us an email.