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Where to deposit your Costa Rica investment property income as an absentee owner

Our agents sell a lot of investment property in Costa Rica to absentee owners and it is often a problem what to do with the rental income. Many investors use their retirement funds to purchase a home for future retirement and our real estate agents or property managers take care of keeping the home rented, […]

How to send cash to Costa Rica

We started doing property management for quite a few clients who bought Costa Rica real estate through our office years ago, which made us introduce our clients to Scotiabank the Costa Rica for easy money traffic between us. By sending those clients to the bank, created an easy going attitude toward our clients and quality […]

The use of escrow services when buying Costa Rica real estate

Costa Rica doesn’t have escrow laws like the United States has, but because there are so many foreign buyers of real estate in Costa Rica, some real estate attorneys as well as some title companies offer escrow services, though most call it a trust account. If you are planning to purchase a home in Costa Rica and you […]