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Escazu condo home inspection gone wrong

A unique Escazu condo home inspection

Should the common areas of condominiums and gated communities be inspected? This story about an Escazu condo home inspection is a perfect example so you can learn the answer to this question. In Costa Rica, real estate developers build more and more condos and homes in gated communities. You probably will want to know how this […]

Your Standards versus the Local Standards in Costarican construction

Successful construction of housing in Costa Rica depends on the efforts of hundreds of tradesmen and thousands of building materials all assembled at the right time in the right places. Likewise, the quality of the labor as well as the proper installation of the specified building materials affects the overall quality of construction. There are […]

How binding is a Costa Rica real estate developer’s promise?

Are you buying a new house or a condo from a real estate developer in Costa Rica and asking yourself how binding the builder’s promise is? You are probably purchasing a particular property from a real estate developer or builder for the specific finishes like the beautiful swimming pool, the clubhouse, the beautiful hardwood kitchen […]

Does Green Real Estate exist in Costa Rica

Green real estate or eco real estate, what is the difference? Does green real estate exist in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is considered part of a biodiversity hotspot. INBio, the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica states that about 4.5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is home to […]