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Where to promote your Costa Rican Vacation Rental?

When you purchase a Costa Rican vacation home, which you might be able to do by using your retirement fund, you might not only decide to just enjoy the home during your own vacations but also to look for a nice return on your investment. Once you own a Costa Rican vacation home, you will […]

Why Now Is a Good Time to Invest in Central America

Investors looking for property investments with excellent potential have begun to branch outward and many of them are turning their attention to Central America. The region, comprised of Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras, is home to approximately 40 million people. The largest country in the region is Guatemala, while Belize […]

Where to deposit your Costa Rica investment property income as an absentee owner

Our agents sell a lot of investment property in Costa Rica to absentee owners and it is often a problem what to do with the rental income. Many investors use their retirement funds to purchase a home for future retirement and our real estate agents or property managers take care of keeping the home rented, […]

The Costa Rica real estate market

The Costa Rica real estate market and divorces

The Costa Rica real estate market has changed tremendously after the world wide real estate boom. Banks in Costa Rica never got involved with bad lending practices like what happened in the United States and Europe. So Costa Rica real estate prices have remained stable through the last 4 – 5 years. Will that go […]