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Escazu & Santa Ana Real Estate agent Jesse Biesanz

Agent in Escazu & Santa Ana

My name is Jesse Biesanz and I am covering real estate in the Sabana to Puriscal area. I moved to the central valley when I was about 5 to live with my father, who runs a woodworking business.

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Heredia Real Estate agent

Affiliate Partner at Heredia real estate specialist

Joaquín Duenas Carrillo is a global real estate advisor that has represented clients in Mexico, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten, Curacao and for the past six years in Costa Rica. His passion for service, which he mastered in the hospitality and tourism sector...

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Hotel Specialist Peter Van Hussen

Affiliate Partner at Costa Rica Hotel Specialist

Peter van Hussen possesses extensive experience working in Costa Rica and Latin America in the fields of tourism and real estate. Therefore, Peter is the AE Costa Rica affiliate for hotel and tourism projects.

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Santa Barbara real estate agent Laurel Anderson

Agent at Santa Barbara de Heredia real estate specialist

Laurel has resided in Santa Barbara de Heredia for the past 32 years. Due to her knowledge of Costa Rica and her experience in working with properties in both Cahuita on the Caribbean and Santa Barbara de Heredia, she decided to form part of the GoDutch Realty family.

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Affiliate Partner in San José Reinaldo Zelaya – Commercial Real Estate

Affiliate Partner at Affiliate Partner in San José - Commercial Properties

Reinaldo Zelaya was born and raised Costarican and is fully bilingual Spanish - English. He specializes in commercial real estate, especially industrial type property such as warehouses.

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Osa Peninsula affiliate agent Jeff Lantz

Osa Peninsula affiliate agent

Jeff Lantz is a true real estate pioneer in Costa Rica. He entered the real estate arena back in 1988 when he bought a couple of properties down in the Osa Peninsula, the furthest point south on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Coming from densely populated southern California he envisioned living in Osa, where the road ends and beyond, so he packed up and moved to Costa Rica in 1990 to pursue his dream, to build and operate a tourist lodge on a deserted beach.

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Agents Immobiliers au Costa Rica Myriam et Didier

Affiliate Partner at Alajuela and Atenas

Didier and Myriam are native French-speaking real estate agents -Agents Immobiliers Costa Rica- who focus mainly on French-speaking clients. Didier et Myriam Vergez sont des agents français, qui s'occupent principalement des clients francophones. Ils sont les agents spécialisés dans les secteurs de Alajuela et Atenas. Au service des clients francophones, ils sont ainsi un excellent choix pour les acheteurs se sentant plus à l'aise de traiter une affaire dans leur langue native. Didier and Myriam are native French-speaking real estate agents who focus mainly on French-speaking clients. Myriam and Didier Vergez are the expert agents in the sectors of Alajuela and Atenas. Didier is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, while Myriam speaks French and Spanish. 

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Playa Junquillal and Lagarto Beach affiliate agent

Affiliate Partner at Junquillal Beach and Playa Lagarto Properties

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San Juanillo and Marbella Beach affiliate agent Ivan Rysheuvels

Affiliate Partner at San Juanillo and Marbella Beach Properties

Ivan Rysheuvels is our affiliate real estate agent for the San Juanillo - Marbella Beach areas. Always ready to advice on RE and relocation matters

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The Beaches of Nosara real estate agent Brian Bombard

Affiliate Partner at Nosara real estate specialist

Surfers and expats have discovered Costa Rica´s Northern Pacific beaches but the Nosara beaches -Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa Nosara - remain relatively undeveloped and uncrowded. Guiones is an expat community and surfing hub, Pelada is a favorite with the locals. Having spent much of his off time in Nosara, Brian Bombard quickly realized that Costa Rica was the place for him. In 2004, he moved to Nosara to join the family business and surf the many breaks in the Nosara area.

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