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Atenas Home Rentals specialist Marianna Krautgartner

If you are looking for Atenas home rentals, you have arrived at the right address. My name is Marianna Krautgartner and will be happy to help you find the right Atenas home rental property for your needs.

Many expats who move to Costa Rica, use our services. They rent from us before they buy. The reason is that they want to be comfortable knowing they’re buying in the right place. This is a great guide to use, so you’re sure to do the right thing.

Our inventory of Atenas home rentals has houses that you can rent long-term or short term. We have furnished and unfurnished rentals. Some will accept your pet and others won’t. We offer homes for rent in Atenas with and without a pool.

Before you start looking for Atenas home rentals in our inventory, make sure you read this tutorial first. Even though this tutorial was written for the Escazu market, there are lots of similarities to the Atenas market.

Atenas has turned into a great vacation destination. So we get a lot of clients looking for a vacation rental, for just a few days or even for a few months. We can assist.

Planning to move to Costa Rica and not sure where you’d like to live? Then it’s a great idea to rent a house in Atenas short-term and we’ll hold your hand throughout the process.

Looking to be a snowbird during the winter time? I can rent you a beautiful house in Costa Rica at very affordable prices.

Your specific Atenas Home Rentals needs

A couple of things you can let us know, so we can assist you better

  • What date will you start renting
  • What is your budget
  • How many bedrooms
  • Do you have pets?

Do you want

  • A pool?
  • Garden?
  • Views?

Plus, let us know specific needs like having to be close to a hospital or a golf course. All these specifics are much easier for you and me, so we’re not wasting time looking at the wrong houses for rent.

Why Atenas?

I have lived in Spain and Austria and other countries all over the world. My husband and I found in Atenas what those countries can only offer during the summertime. We found in Atenas the perfect climate all year long we always been looking for! Come and visit us, you’ll love living in Atenas as much as I do.

My experience

I have worked in sales and management and also as an interpreter for a real estate firm in Spain.


I am fluent in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

I’d love you to contact me for any information you’d need or to have a  look at Atenas home rentals.

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Atenas Home Rentals specialist Marianna Krautgartner