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Tamarindo Beach real estate agent Jogi Juergen Gerner

Affiliate Partner - Tamarindo Beach and Langosta Beach real estate

Your Tamarindo Beach and Langosta Beach real estate specialist

Jogi, the best Tamarindo Beach real estate agent in Costa Rica, will dedicate his time to people who like such skills and honor the fact that somebody will exceed expectations.

First of all, Jogi will not tell you what you like to hear. He will tell you the best solution for your inquiry or goal based on the trustworthy and realistic facts you provide. Not everybody is able or willing to share such most noteworthy details.

Born in Germany

“Jogi” Juergen Gerner was born in 1962 and raised in south west Germany. He first visited Costa Rica in 1992 and subsequently came back every year. After traveling throughout the entire country many times, he liked Tamarindo the best and that was where he decided to stay.

Tamarindo Beach real estate agent

In 1995, Jogi started working as Tamarindo real estate agent at a development project on the beach in Tamarindo. Almost one year later he began as a Tamarindo beach real estate agent at an American owned real estate company for 3 years.

In addition, for 2 years, he co-operated the sales office at a large real estate development company that covers Tamarindo beach as well as Langosta beach area.

In the year 1999, Jogi established his own Tamarindo real estate office. Jogi has been partner of the MLS, leader in Costa Rica real estate, from the beginning. Therefore, as a Broker, Jogi strives to provide knowledge, experience, and the best available contacts to his clients. Especially relevant is that he likes to exceed expectations. For Tamarindo homes, land, residential lots and condos as well as commercial property for sale, contact Jogi.


Jogi is able to get a quick feel for the situation and recommend the necessary actions to buyers, sellers, and developers. He is rather always available for other agents and brokers, representing the best Costa Rica beach real estate in Guanacaste.

Jogi and Tamarindo beach real estate agent team offer homes, land, condos and luxury homes for sale on the inventory.


In conclusion, Jogi is fluent in German, English, or Spanish. You can contact Jogi about Tamarindo beach real estate.

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Tamarindo beach real estate agent Jogi Gerner