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Teak Reforestation Specialist Gerardo Abarca Porras

Affiliate partner specialized in reforestation and specifically in Teak farms

Affiliate partner specialized in reforestation and specifically in Teak farms

Gerardo Abarca Porras is a Costa Rican Forest Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the development of reforestation projects with Teak (Tectona grandis), mainly in the Pacific region of Costa Rica.

His expertise is to develop reforestation projects with teak for small producers. He has a huge experience as developer and administrator of teak farms in the Guanacaste, Central Pacific and South Pacific regions of the country.

Teak farm Specialist

Gerardo is not a realtor; he is a teak reforestation specialist. Nonetheless, Gerardo knows which areas of Costa Rica are best, to get the best financial results. He has all the necessary real estate assistance from his colleagues in the network.

Teak Farms on inventory

After many years of evaluating farms for sale, we have a very broad portfolio of farms. This is the product of intense work that evaluates not only the soil and environmental conditions but also the conditions of access and available resources in the property for proper development and monitoring of the reforestation project. For our inventory, check below.

Financial results

A vital aspect teak reforestation development to understand that the financial results will be visible at the final harvest (20 to 25 years). Nonetheless, as an investment with high economic requirements, it is possible to determine with a high degree of reliability, the economic result of the project. Systematic monitoring and evaluation allow controlling the rate of growth of trees.
It is important to determine the needs for interventions, to be detailed in a “General Management Plan”. This plan also includes determining the Carbon Stock stored in the trees, as well as the equivalent Carbon Dioxide removed from the atmosphere by the trees.


Teak Reforestation Specialist Gerardo Abarca Porras graduated from the Forestry Engineering Program of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica in 1999. He then started as Forest Manager in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, developing reforestation projects with Teak for small producers. Gerardo has also a Master’s in Business Administration, as well as different courses related to environmental and soil evaluation.

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    Teak Reforestation Specialist Gerardo Abarca Porras


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