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The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homesHow important are roofing membranes to a Costa Rican home? Costa Rica home builder Thomas Rosenberger, in two former blogs, has explained all about Costa Rica roofing and roof repairs as well as how to stop your roof from leaking.

In this blog, Tom covers the use of impermeable membrane product on the roof surface of Costarican homes and how to install it.

When roofing maintenance on Costarican homes is necessary, workers will need to walk on the roofs. This foot traffic causes the metal laminates to collapse in between structural supports that were spaced too far apart.

In these indentations, moisture accumulates and causes corrosion of the metal surfaces.

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes

An Effective Method

The most cost effective method is to apply roofing membranes directly onto the metal laminates, ridges and flashings as well as down into the gutters. This solves all of the above problems and prevents water infiltration into the attic, ceilings, soffits and onto fascias of dwellings,

The Roofing Membranes

The roofing membranes that I utilize to solve roof problems is an SBS, Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene,  lastomeric modified bitumen product that is available in 4mm and 5mm thicknesses.

The method I use to apply the roofing membranes and attach it to the metal laminates is a heat welding process. We use propane torches to adhere the roofing membranes to the exterior surfaces. This in order to seal the openings where the filtration of water is entering.

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes

The ends of the laminates that overhang the gutters can be cut with a small grinder with a metal cutting disk in order to remove the corroded part of the metal laminates and make space for the installation of the membrane.

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes

Eliminates Corrosion

The installation of impermeable roofing membranes on the roof surface and down into the back of the gutters seals the gap. This is where water infiltrates inside the soffits and eliminates the corrosion that grows under the laminates.

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes

Sealing the joint

Additionally, where the roof meets the vertical walls, I install the roofing membranes up the walls, This seals the joint where the roof structure meets the exterior walls. With the roofing membranes heat welded to the metal laminates and concrete walls, this is a 100% solution. This can be guaranteed for 10 or 15 years depending on the thickness of the roofing membranes I install.

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes


For additional protection, I apply an acrylic elastomeric waterproofing sealer that protects the roofing membranes and insulates the roof surface. This helps reduce the effects of the intense ultraviolet radiation here in Costa Rica.

This sealer is available in several colors to accommodate my client’s aesthetic desires.

The use of roofing membranes on Costa Rican homes

In conclusion

If you decide to hire me to solve your roof problems, you will no longer need annual revisions. There is no more need for re-installation of exterior sealants and quick fix roof repair materials that deteriorate from the intense ultraviolet radiation in Costa Rica.

In conclusion, it’s wise to appropriate as much money as necessary to receive the best roof available for your dwelling.

Keep in mind that the roof of Costa Rican homes is one of the most important components to protect your investment, personal possessions and peace of mind.

The Author

Before you purchase a home in Costa Rica, contact Tom Rosenberger for his home inspection services. Tom Rosenberger is a knowledgeable home and land inspector in Costa Rica. Over 30 years of land development and construction experience allows him to do a professional job. He enables his clients to “See Beyond the Obvious” before committing to land acquisition and construction projects.

Tom is a legal resident of Costa Rica and has lived here since 1992. He has built and remodeled homes and condominiums, along with developing land into building lots.

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