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Living in Costa Rica and suffering from chronic or acute health conditions?

Living in Costa Rica and suffering from chronic or acute health conditions?You must have felt so great about your move to Costa Rica and retiring from your stressful job.  Now you can start living your life. Often, you don’t realize that the stress has formed part of your life for so long; because you’ve learned how to live with chronic health conditions.

Now that you have the time to enjoy your morning coffee on your terrace, enjoying a jungle or ocean view, play with the dogs, read a book or play those rounds of golf that you had been dreaming about for years, you start feeling like hell.

You probably won’t even realize what your problem is, and you won’t even know what to tell a doctor. You don’t really know what’s wrong with you and maybe not even know where it hurts and what it is that hurts or makes you feel

Your health must be important to you. So is alternative medicine a good option for you? Costa Rica does have options for alternative medicine, believe it or not. You will find great chiropractors, acupuncturists and others to stop suffering from problematic health conditions. Let me tell you about Shiatsu, a form of bodywork therapy from Japan that can help you with your chronic or acute health conditions.

Are you living in Costa Rica and you are interested in Shiatsu as a solution to those chronic or acute health conditions? You will find contact information about Jurij Kazantzis of Holistic Touch at the end of this article or call him at 8894-7435

In for a Shiatsu massage? Call Jurij at 8894-7435

Shiatsu (photo courtesy Stewart Black on Flickr)

What is Shiatsu?

“Shiatsu” translates as “finger pressure” and is the integration of traditional Japanese manual therapies with modern western medical knowledge and one of the main Asian bodywork therapies in the USA.

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork therapy from Japan and a specific form of healing touch. It requires applying pressure to specific points on the body and offers a way of supporting our body at all times of our life.

Shiatsu is a complete health-care-system that works with the body’s own resources – the body’s own energy. Shiatsu works with the whole person, rather than simply focusing on conditions. Most people, ill or healthy, and of all ages from babies to the elderly can benefit from it.

What does a Shiatsu Practitioner do?

A Shiatsu practitioner/therapist is trained to recognize patterns of dis-harmony in the body. Then he/she can detect simple changes in the body that he/she recognizes as an imbalance. Hence, this imbalance can be restored with regular Shiatsu sessions.

The Shiatsu practitioner also offers life-style and activity suggestions and if needed, will also recommend any necessary nutritional changes.

Visit Holistic Touch at Centro Comercial Distrito 4

Visit Holistic Touch at Centro Comercial Distrito 4 – Escazu

How can Shiatsu help you?

First of all, Shiatsu can be used to treat and heal many chronic and acute conditions such as

– Fibromyalgia
– Migraine
– Back pain, neck, joint, and muscle stiffness
– Arthritis
– Emotional issues–
– Digestive disorders
– Depression

What does a Shiatsu session involve

Sessions begin with some time for sharing relevant physical or emotional issues. That way, the treatment can then be tailored to your needs. This is followed by 40 -50 minutes of hands-on work, a short rest, and then feedback.

Shiatsu (photo courtesy Stewart Black & Flickr)

Shiatsu (photo courtesy Stewart Black on Flickr)

How often would I need to come?

Meet Jurij Kazantzis of Holistic TouchDepending on each person’s needs, the whole process can be tailored to each individual.

If you have any acute conditions, such as bad back, migraine or depression, usually a session once a week is enough until you begin to feel better,.

Therefore, you might require Shiatsu sessions on a more regular basis if you have a high-stress job, family demands, an overactive lifestyle, lack of exercise or are overweight.

Is Shiatsu like a massage?

  • No oils are used in Shiatsu.
  • Shiatsu is usually done through light, comfortable clothing.
  • It tends to include more stretches and joint mobilizations.

Shiatsu includes the use of the meridians to cure chronic health conditions. As a result, you can address emotional issues in a more specific way than massage, because all emotions are stored in the body. Also, learn more about other healthcare adventures in Costa Rica.

Contact the AE MLS Costa Rica

For more information on Shiatsu as an alternative medicine in Costa Rica, contact Jurij Kazantzis of Holistic Touch. Jurij is located at Centro Comercial Distrito 4, Guachipelin de Escazu – Cel : 8894-7435. Or check his Facebook page  

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