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68 Interesting Facebook pages for living in Costa Rica

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68 Interesting Facebook pages for living in Costa Rica

As usual, The American European Real Estate MLS  tries to be helpful by not only sell or rent you a property in Costa Rica. We also try to make your move to Costa Rica a lot more comfortable. That’s why we’ll give you now 68 interesting Facebook pages, all for free.

You can check a wide range of blogs that are designed to show you how living in Costa Rica can be very comfortable if you start with the right foot. The use of Facebook group pages makes it more and more comfortable to find what you are looking for, to make friends, and to adjust to your new country by finding people who have the same interests as you have.

Some of us moved from our home country to go native, to learn Spanish and to try a different lifestyle. Others moved to Costa Rica with the same idea but were never able to live like a native and need the help of others to keep the same lifestyle as they had before they moved.

For this blog, I have tried to find as many Facebook pages as possible, that allow you to find all those groups that might interest you in a heartbeat, so you can connect with others just like you. Of course, once you’ve checked all those Facebook pages out and you’re ready to purchase real estate in Costa Rica, we would love your business. Remember, we are the Costa Rica Real Estate specialists, from Coast to Coast, the Right Way!!!

Many of these Costa Rica Facebook pages cover the whole country while others cover only a specific area or a specific interest. Have fun!

Costa Rica Facebook pages
Costa Rica property on the beach

General interest in living in Costa Rica

•    Costa Rica living – 423 Members

For those who enjoy sharing useful Facebook groups about Tiquicia and the Pura Vida!

•    Costa Rica Uncensored – 2,758 Members

This group is mainly about humor, sarcasm, wit, and critical thought. Not for crybabies.

•    Expatriates in Costa Rica – 6,898 Members

Get rid of all your questions and doubts about living in Costa Rica on these Facebook pages. This is a group for expatriates or “expats” and their families in Costa Rica. All English-speaking people, either presently residing or interested in Costa Rica are welcome.

•   The Expat’s Guide to Costa Rica (TEAM GRINGO) – 4,041 Members

Unfortunately, you found “Team Gringo” Costa Rica’s home for Info, bad jokes, and endless bickering about the Expat Lifestyle in Costa Rica. **CAUTION: Crass humor and a healthy dose of reality ahead** A real nasty Facebook group.

Expat communities in Costa Rica

•   Lake Arenal Community – 1,603 Members

This Lake Arenal English Language Facebook group page is for the purpose of sharing information in a constructive manner about things directly related to the Lake Arenal region (Tilarán, Tronadora, San Luis, and Nuevo Arenal).

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Homes in Cariari

•    Costa Ballena Bulletin Board – 1,086 Members

Where Costa Ballenans help each other out. Ask local questions. Get local answers. Friendly advice on practically anything, announcements of lost and found, shared rides, beach parties, power and water updates.

•    San Ramon Costa Rica Info – 260 Members

This is a Facebook group for expatriates in San Ramon, Costa Rica. All members who are either presently residing, or interested, in San Ramon, Costa Rica area are welcome.

•    Atenas Costa Rica Info – 992 Members

These Facebook pages are for expatriates in Atenas, Costa Rica. All members who are either presently residing, or interested, in the Atenas, Costa Rica area are welcome.

•    Nosara Rant And Rave – 1,427 Members

Want to ask questions about Nosara, debate, tell a joke, post a funny photo, or rant and rave? Do it here!

•    Nosara Community Events – 2,528 Members

Interesting events happening in the Nosara Beach community.

•    Manuel Antonio – 811 Members

Post your events and specials for Manuel Antonio here.

•    Grecia, Costa Rica – 492 Members

This is an information Facebook group for English speakers living in Grecia, Costa Rica. Posts should be in English. It is ok to offer to sell your personal items (online garage sale, moving, etc.) or to list properties for rent.

•    Costa Rica Southern Zone Expats and Friends – 1,570 Members

This Facebook group is for people living in or interested in the Southern Zone. The purpose of this group the “Southern Zone” is from let’s say Jaco to Paso Canoas and all in between coastal and inland.

Expat groups in Costa Rica

•    Expats Locals in Escazu – Santa Ana in English – 171 Members

Facebook pages for ExPats & Locals Living in or thinking of Moving to, hang out a lot in, or will be Visiting Escazu & Santa Ana & that speak English.

•    Costa Rica Black – 17 Members

Costa Rica Connecting Black Expats in Costa Rica.

•   Lake Arenal Ads & Events – 1,625 Members

Lake Arenal Ads & Events is a central place for members of the community to post and browse classified ads as well as any community or public, free or not, events. Ads and events should be for the areas surrounding Lake Arenal.

Golf in Costa Rica

•    Costa Rica Torneos de Golf – 573 members

Find every golf tournament in Costa Rica that you want to play here.

•    Golf article classifieds – 176 members

Facebook pages to find or sell used golf articles in Costa Rica

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Central Valley gated communities

Looking to socialize in Costa Rica?

•    The Pura Vida Social Club – 361 members

Join in this Central Pacific Coast Locals Facebook group page to share your Pura Vida spirit with Exciting finds, Fun tours, Interesting photos, Local happenings, Dining Out specials, Treasures for Sale . . . Or just bounce some Fun ideas back and forth! Anything Pura Vida that will make your amigos happier and put a smile on their face!

•    Costa Rica Friends – 1,237 Members

For all of us living and doing business in this beautiful country of Costa Rica.

•    Where are all the single people hiding in Costa Rica? – 161 Members

Are you single and ready to meet someone, then join this Facebook group? Ladies and gentlemen, I do not believe for one minute that this beautiful country has everything to offer except the chance to meet a soul mate.

Tourism & Explore Facebook pages

•    Costa Rica Insider – 13,232 Members

The Insider scoop on the Best Food / Surf / Hotels and travel to Costa Rica.

•    The Best of Costa Rica – 330 Members

Let’s explore Costa Rica. Discover the best things to do, places to go, and risks to avoid. Let’s have some fun.

•    Pet-Friendly Hotels Restaurants in Costa Rica

Do you know of any Hotels • Restaurants • Cafe’s • Businesses, etc. around Costa Rica that welcome your fur family•pets?

•    Things to do in Costa Rica – 1,128 Members

Concerts, Art Shows, Activities, Tours, and fun things to do. Know of something fun going on?

•    Costa Rica things to do – 676 Members

This Facebook group is designed to let tourists and nationals know what’s going on in your area. With Photos and videos.

•    Costa Rica by Bus – 1,295 Members

The admin of this page says: I love riding the buses in Costa Rica. Maybe it is like the lore of riding the rails in the US. It is easy, fun, and inexpensive. I created photo albums for bus schedules, bus stops, and buses and a file section for PDF’s people collect.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
North Pacific ocean view luxury homes

Sports in Costa Rica

•    American Football in Costa Rica – 1,158 Likes

Info about football games in Costa Rica.

•    Costa Rica Surfing News – 5,692 Likes

All about surfing in Costa Rica.

•    Uvita Softball Saturdays! – 216 Members

This Facebook group page is for coordinating and communicating about the weekly softball games in Uvita. Join us at 10:30 at the futbol field in Bahia de Uvita every Saturday! All ages and skill levels are welcome!

•    Costa Rica Kayak Fishermen

This Facebook group is here to post pictures and discuss any current affairs related to fishing in Costa Rica.

Hobbies in Costa Rica

•    Costa Rica Swaps – 447 Members

This is a space to swap postcards, stamps, banknotes, and coins. Lotteries are also welcome.

•    Backgammon CLUB Costa Rica (Spanish) – 422 Members

Promotes friendly competition and practice of the Backgammon game. No gambling.

•    Gringo Gardeners in Costa Rica – 1,078 Members

This group is aimed at gringos living in or visiting Costa Rica who are interested in learning more about the trees and plants that grow here, both native and introduced. It’s a place where we can showcase what we’ve grown, get tips on care and location, and help each other with plant identification.

•    Costa Rica Organic Gardening Forum – 502 Members

A Facebook group where people who live in Costa Rica can share organic gardening tips. Organic pest control, techniques that work, help with nutritional deficiencies. Where to buy seeds and what seeds work?

•    Costa Rica Poker

Community page for poker players who have relocated or are interested in relocating to Costa Rica in the wake of Black Friday.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Nicoya Peninsula beach property

•    Photography in Costa Rica (all Spanish) – 6,564 Members

Educational forum in Spanish about photography, posting unusual photos, as well as photography articles for sale.

•    Costa Rica Tribe – 767 Members

The intent of this Facebook group is to post photos, events, and projects for our area in southern Costa Rica.

•    Yoga in Costa Rica – 894 Members

These Facebook pages are for yoga teachers, studio and retreat center owners, vendors, and anyone who practices yoga in Costa Rica. The goal for starting this group is to have a place where we can share information about yoga events etc. in our beautiful country.

Where to buy food or certain things in Costa Rica?

•    Where to buy in Costa Rica – 1,362 members

This Facebook group is dedicated to helping members finding goods or services in Costa Rica. It is a place to exchange your experiences and knowledge.

•    Costa Rica Gringo Classifieds – 2,191 members

Welcome to Costa Rica classifieds. A great place to post your items. Feel free to post rentals, sales, items needed, or items to get rid of.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
South Pacific ocean view homes and building lots

•    San Ramon Costa Rica Classifieds – 168 members

San Ramon Classifieds is a central place for the members of the community to post and browse classified ads. These facebook pages are here to list items for sale, in search of items, garage/contents sales, apartment/condo/house rentals, real estate, businesses, restaurants, products and services, job postings, etc. All ads should be for San Ramon Centro and the surrounding areas.

•    Ojochal for sale  – 646 Members

This is the place to advertise items for sale…! These are wide-open Facebook pages…so use caution and keep everyone safe! Only for the Costa Ballena area.

Health and Help in Costa Rica

•    Healing House Costa Rica – 343 Members

The idea of the Facebook group is to connect doctors, therapists, healers, and everybody interested in a healthy way of living in Costa Rica.

•    Personal Care for Gringos in Costa Rica – 162 Members

A Facebook group for referrals to personal care providers in Costa Rica such as hairdressers, spas, massage therapists, physiotherapists, yoga studios, fitness places, and more. Anything to do with our personal wellbeing.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Dominical villas

•    “Help I Need A Ride” – Costa Rica Ride Share – 769 Members

These Facebook pages were created as a hopeful solution for people looking for a ride anywhere in Costa Rica. If you are leaving from somewhere and you have extra seats available in your vehicle feel free to post here.

Animal Protection in Costa Rica

•    SASY! Costa Rica – 557 Members

SASY! Stop Animal Suffering Yes is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the eradication of animal abuse and suffering in Costa Rica. Your support will help us to fund educational programs to promote animal welfare, fund spay-neuter clinics in low-income barrios and areas with an overpopulation of strays.

Religion in Costa Rica

•    Friends Who Like Christian Church in English, Grecia, Costa Rica – 77 Members

An English-speaking congregation of Christian believers that meets Sundays at 8:30 am. We are part of Sol De Iglesia Wesleyan Church in Grecia. We have mostly retired Americans attending here that have come from all over the USA and Canada

•    IBC Costa Rica – 200 Members

International Baptist Church, Costa Rica

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Atenas gated community property

Expat communities in Costa Rica

•    Expats in Guanacaste – 1,673 Members

Expats in Guanacaste is a Facebook group designed for foreigners to ask questions and share interesting news, current events, photos, recipes, travel stories, advice, referrals, lifestyle, blog posts and more about the Guanacaste province and all of the beaches/cantons throughout the area. Neighbors connecting online through these Facebook pages to help one another and be social.

•    Montezuma Costa Rica – 1,175 Members

This is the official Facebook group for Montezuma. Join the fun, meet new people and stay connected. Tuanis!

•    Santa Teresa Community – 5,364 Members

All about Santa Teresa – Mal Pais in Spanish

North Americans in Costa Rica

•    North Americans in Costa Rica / Free your minds – 631 members

Music, Ethics, Art, Health, Life & Death, Hypocrisy, Worthy Causes, Nature, Diversity, Food, Religion, Sex, Poetry, Story Submissions, Philosophies, Politics, and lifestyle.

•    Texans in Costa Rica

This group is for TEXANS who have, or who are considering, moving to Costa Rica.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Santa Ana golf course properties

Cooking in Costa Rica

•    The Expat’s Guide to cooking in Costa Rica Uncensored – 159 members

The only cooking in Costa Rica Facebook pages that you can cuss in. Please share your shitty recipes.

Food in Costa Rica

•    Restaurant Reviews for Gringos, Beefs, and Bouquets  – 467 Members

A place to put your restaurant in Costa Rica reviews. No advertising is allowed.

Domestic help

•    Search and find Domestic help (Spanish) – 7,077 Members

When you need domestic help or have someone looking for a job as a housekeeper in Costa Rica.

U.S. Politics in Costa Rica

•    Democrats Abroad Costa Rica – 278 People like this

An active group of U.S. citizens and committed Democrats living in Costa Rica who get together to talk politics, meet fellow Democrats, register absentee voters and work to ensure more Democrats in state and federal offices.

•    US Expats No-Spin Zone – 199 Members

!! WARNING !! This Facebook group is not for anyone who is easily offended. Can’t handle someone in your face, Don’t join.
This is a place to post all your Expat US Political Opinions. I may have a different view from you, but that is my opinion and you are welcome to post yours HERE.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Curridabat golf course property

Child care and Pregnancy

•    Conscious Birth Preparation, Puerto Viejo – 136 Members

Through this online Facebook group, those interested in this topic connect with each other to consciously, emotionally, and physically prepare for the miracle of pregnancy and birth, offering support and tools that will help in realizing a sacred and beautiful experience for both mother and baby.

Art & Music in Costa Rica

•    Costa Rica Expat Artist Community – 680 Members

Calling all artists, visual and performing, to join this group and advertise their work, shows, news, and positive information to enjoy your new lifestyle and share it with others.

•    Live music events in Surfside, Flamingo, Brasilito & Potrero – 894 Members

This Facebook group has been created to stay informed, keep us informed about the live music scene and events in Surfside, Flamingo, Brasilito, and Potrero.

Other nationalities living in Costa Rica

•    Nederlanders in Costa Rica – 321 Members

For the Dutch and from the Dutch in Costa Rica.

•    BelCo (Club Belga – Costarricense) – 80 Members

Social Network for Belgians or those who have any ties with Belgium.

•    Canadian Club of Costa Rica – 241 Members

The friendly people who constitute “The Canadian Club” live either full-time or seasonally, here in Costa Rica. The club encourages networking and the use of their business between fellow Canadians and tries to present ourselves, favourably, in our host country, Costa Rica.

•    Schweizer in Costa Rica – 118 Members

Costa Rica; Hier haben sich einige attraktive, tropische und multikulturelle Oasen gebildet, in denen sich Weltenbummler, Pensionäre, Ruhesuchende sowie Individualisten niederlassen und wohlfühlen.

•    Deutsche in Costa Rica – 865 Members

Deutsche oder besser deutschsprachige Leute die in Costa Rica leben oder mit Costa Rica eng verbunden sind. IM POSITIVEN SINNE: Neuigkeiten, Erfahrungen, Tips und Spaß in deutscher Sprache austauschen.

Facebook pages Costa Rica
Santa Ana condos for sale

Teachers in Costa Rica

•    Expat Teachers in Costa Rica – 267 Members

A source for expat teachers living and working in Costa Rica. Feel free to share lesson plans, ideas for the classroom and arrange meet-ups.

If you are looking for Facebook pages with homes for sale in Costa Rica, you will find way too many on them and you could spend days on those pages. Make it easy on yourself and visit our Costa Rica MLS for Costa Rica real estate listings.

Whenever you find other interesting Facebook pages such as any of the above and you think it should form part of this list of helpful pages for Expats in Costa Rica, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

We hope to see you back on our page to look for property or subscribe to our weekly The Easy Times newsletter!

Feel free to leave your comments on this blog. If you like this article, please feel free to share it on your social media.

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