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Costa Rica cost of living statistics

Costa Rica cost of living statisticsThe Costa Rica cost of living is what makes a lot of retirees look at moving to Costa Rica or any other country. But the cost of living is a lot more than just statistics.

You Google the words “Costa Rica cost of living” and you get over 22 million results.

But what is the cost of living exactly and what does it involve to be able to calculate this? Each of us has a different lifestyle and we all have our preferences.

We received a visit in our office the other day from a couple almost ready to retire, who have been doing their due diligence online for a long time and just arrived in Costa Rica to start the real-life experience before making the big step.

Bob and Shirley are visiting places like Grecia, Atenas, Dominical, and Ojochal and I’m sure they will find some other places on the way that they will fall in love with. And if not, they’ll have a great vacation and will do all the right things to try to find out if Costa Rica is for them or not.

Shirley, before coming to my office, spent some time checking out the Art Depot in the Paco Mall in Escazu, to see what is available. She’s looked at paint, bushes, and anything a painter might need. Shirley found the brushes twice as expensive as they are back home in Houston, Texas. I don’t know how many brushes Shirley uses per year, but I bet she eats more fruit, bread, vegetables, and other daily food products than brushes and paint.Costa Rica cost of living statistics My point is that the Art Depot is giving a great service to the art community in Costa Rica and though you have to pay high import taxes on your art supplies, it’s well worth to visit them in the Paco center in Escazu and save your money on other purchases.

Imported products

Any imported products, like cars, you purchase in Costa Rica are more expensive than they are back home. The import taxes are high. That is another reason you should not only look at Costa Rica homes for sale when you are here. We invite you to also walk the stores and see what the cost of everything is you eat and use. But….

Labels in Spanish

Look at similar products, products that are made or grown in the area, in Central America if not in Costa Rica itself. Bring a Costa Rica cost of living statisticsdictionary or your iPhone so you can Google the words on the labels. I can assure you that those products that have Spanish only labels are cheaper than those that carry the name in English.

Because of trade treaties, products made in Central America pay not only fewer taxes but have a much lower transport cost to get them here. Therefore, learn as much Spanish as you can before you move.

Don’t bring home with you

If you are looking to lower your cost of living in Costa Rica, make sure you understand you need to adjust your lifestyle, change your eating habits, the way you cook, your beer brand and get to know a different lifestyle. Don’t bring home with you, leave it there, there is a reason you want to leave the old behind and think of that while doing this due diligence.

When you move to Costa Rica to retire or to start a new life, or any other country in the world, you should have a hard look at your lifestyle and you will probably find out that you have a lot of bad habits you can easily leave behind. Costa Rica cost of living statisticsAdjust your lifestyle to your new life, give it a shot and you’ll find its a lot cheaper and a lot more fun.

Costa Rica cost of living statistics

I found a great website that will give you all kinds of statistics like the cost of living in Costa Rica, Numbeo, that offers lots of different statistics about different countries in the world, like property prices, crime, pollution, quality of life and other interesting data.

Our Costa Rica real estate agents, who live in the area where you should be doing your due diligence, can help you get all the necessary information and point you in the right direction.

Feel free to contact them at your leisure if you’d like to know more than just about the Costa Rica cost of living.

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