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How To Meet New People in Costa Rica

How To Meet New People in Costa RicaMoving to Costa Rica and trying to meet new people? Here at InterNations, we welcome expats in Costa Rica from all over the world to join together. Our events and activities are organized by both the members and the events team.

InterNations is a fantastic way to meet new people in Costa Rica, and in other countries. Read the useful guides, including living, working, moving to Costa Rica to feel more comfortable in your new home. Or simply ask fellow members in our forum section.

InterNations prides itself on being a secure online and offline community. We offer helpful and trustworthy members with invitation-only events held in some of Costa Rica’s finest hotspots.

Are you new to Costa Rica or getting ready to move to this beautiful country? Then you probably have a lot of questions. And you want to meet new people of course. Who better to answer them than other expats who have been in the same situation you now find yourself in?

Can’t adjust?

Once in a while, expats don’t like what they find in Costa Rica. If that’s the case, you can always try moving to Saudi Arabia, which is also a lovely country. The cost of a Saudi visa fee depends on your nationality and visa type. The visa duration is dependant on the letter of invitation issued in Saudi Arabia, so check with your InterNations contacts first.

Before moving

Even before you move, you can get answers to lots of your questions by reading the blogs of current expats in Costa Rica. You can also post your questions on the forums of expatriate networks like InterNations. These forums are also great places to meet new people in Costa Rica.

These questions can range from what you should pack, where you should live, where you should send your kids to school, what health and safety precautions you should take both before and during your stay, what type of visa you should apply for if they recommend buying or importing a car, and more.

There are many reasons to move to Costa Rica. Working professionals with special expertise in their field often find a job in the Central Valley region. Most often in San José, the country’s capital. Retirees usually head to coastal towns on the Pacific coast. In locations all over the country, entrepreneurs open their own businesses.

If you can, you should try to visit Costa Rica on a fact-finding trip prior to your actual move. During this trip, you can visit possible neighborhoods and schools (if you have children). And you can take advantage of that trip and meet new people like other expats to get their impressions of life in Costa Rica.

How To Meet New People in Costa Rica
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The cost of living in Costa Rica is lower than what you may be used to from your native country or previous place of residence. Local wages are also lower, but expats tend to be able to live very comfortably in Costa Rica. Some expats may even find they are able to afford much more luxurious houses or villas than they could afford back home, maybe even with a maid or gardener.

Once you’ve arrived, take time to settle in. Personalize your apartment or house to make it really feel like home. Explore your neighborhood and the surrounding area. Meet up with new people in Costa Rica, such as members of the community for expats in Costa Rica face to face.

Other expats

In the beginning, having people who can help you navigate through the Costa Rican bureaucracy and figure out everything you need to know for everyday life – the best places to go grocery shopping, how to go about finding a doctor, etc. – can be invaluable. You are sure to meet new people with similar interests, and these people can soon become lifelong friends.

How To Meet New People in Costa Rica
InterNations Expat Guide of San José, Costa Rica

Although it may feel safe and comfortable to stay within the “expat bubble”, you will get much more out of your experience abroad if you venture past this safety net and go out and meet the locals. Costa Rica is a culturally rich country with many local customs and traditions. You could go out for after-work drinks with your Costa Rican colleagues, join a local club or organization or do some volunteering in your community.

Learn Spanish

Despite the fact that all Costa Rican children now learn English in school and many Costa Ricans, especially those who have gone to college, can speak the language with a high level of proficiency, learning Spanish will enrich your life abroad immeasurably. Being able to speak Spanish will open many doors when it comes to learning about Costa Rican life and culture. Finding a Costa Rican language partner can be another good way to not only learn Spanish but also more about life in this country from a local’s perspective.

Get to know the country

While acting as an eternal tourist may not be a desirable way to spend your time in Costa Rica, that does not mean you shouldn’t travel around the country and take advantage of all it has to offer while you are living here. Costa Rica contains many different types of geography on a relatively small area of land: from the higher altitude rainforests and cloud forests of the Central Valley region to the flat landscape characteristic of the many miles of the country’s coastline. Costa Rica can also boast many beautiful national parks with fascinating flora and fauna. So go out and experience all the country has to offer – from its natural beauty to its inhabitant’s local customs and traditions.

The Author

This article was provided for The Easy Times by Andrew Penfold of InterNations, the largest expatriate network worldwide created in 2007in Munich, Germany.  InterNations now has over 1.2 million members in more than 390 Local Communities around the world. It is tailored to help members meet other fellow expats from across the globe living in their city and connect with them, both online and offline through events and activities. InterNations also offers its members the advice and support to make moving abroad easier through our guides, extended guides and magazine pages.

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