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4 Secrets for a happy living in Costa Rica

4 Secrets for a happy living in Costa RicaDid you know that happy living in Costa Rica is quite easy? But you have to follow some rules.

It is no secret that Costa Ricans are some of the happiest people on earth. And no wonder they are so happy, they live in paradise! Happy living in Costa Rica starts with a gorgeous climate and beautiful scenery.

As a bonus, you can add fresh fruits and vegetables all year long, and lots of fun places to explore. Who wouldn’t be happy living in Costa Rica!

This is the country of peace and more biodiversity than almost anywhere else on the planet. You can wake up and see the sunrise in Limon on the Caribbean side of the country, and drive to the Pacific for the sunset!

Planning to buy real estate? Or thinking of relocating to this tropical treasure? I’m sure you are wondering how you can tap into this Pura Vida feeling.

I think there are 4 important aspects to make happy living in Costa Rica possible.

1. Communication

The first and most important one for happy living in Costa Rica is to try to communicate with the Ticos. Even if you are not fluent in Spanish, if you try, it will be appreciated. Once you can start talking to the Ticos, you get in on all the secrets of this beautiful country.

Don’t be shy, or afraid. Anyone who has struggled to learn a foreign language knows how scary and uncomfortable it is to go into a store or to ask directions. Once in the store, you find out you don’t speak the language. Hang in there, it will be worth it. Take your time but please try to learn Spanish.

Part of adjusting to living in another country is also to learn something about the culture. Costa Ricans are a very friendly generous culture, but they are also private. And you may not get the full effect of your Costa Rican friends months or even years after you meet. The more you know about the culture, the less likely you are to offend someone.

2. Understanding Ticos

Most Ticos are fairly understanding of gringo ways. But mostly in the Central Valley where the people are more educated. Bottom line, try not to offend. It is rude to walk into someone’s house and start bossing them around, telling them what to do, it is also rude to do that in someone else’s country!

4 Secrets for a happy living in Costa Rica

3. Be smart

Third on our list is to be smart. While in general Ticos are Pura Vida. There are some bad ones out there, and they are looking to take advantage. When you are buying real estate, use a realtor you trust. And a lawyer who has been recommended by someone you trust. Every day properties in Costa Rica are bought and sold without proper registration, taxes paid, and even without the possibility of ever building on the land.

Trust your Costa Rica real estate professional to not let that happen to you. The same thing goes for repairs and general work. If you pay your gardener to paint your house, don’t be surprised if he does a poor job.

4. Learn how to wait

The last is something that you will probably never get used to, waiting. Nothing happens quickly here; accept that, the sooner you do, the happier you will be. You will wait in line at the electric company, you will wait for a phone. And you will wait for just about everything. But that is one thing that most of us were trying to escape, the hustle and bustle. So relax, study your Spanish dictionary, enjoy the great weather, and remember don’t fight it.

Or you will not be happy!

You can’t change Costa Rica, you have to learn to slide into its rhythm. Once you do, you will feel more relaxed, and you will be able to tap into that Pura Vida feeling!

Looking for expert advise on moving to Costa Rica and buying or renting a property? Give happy living in Costa Rica a good shot, contact Brooke now.

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Brooke Bishop

Brooke Bishop first came to Costa Rica in 1999 as a volunteer with an organization aimed at reforesting old coffee plantations. She fell in love with Costa Rica and the area. Since then, Brooke has lived in the Naranjo and Grecia area. Brooke speaks fluent English and as a real estate agent on the MLS, can help you find the perfect property for sale like a house or land in the right climate in one of these beautiful coffee towns. Read more

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