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Smile even when it rains, cosmetic dentistry available in Costa Rica!

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cosmetic dentistry available in Costa Rica

Did you know cosmetic dentistry is available in Costa Rica at a really affordable cost? If you need porcelain laminate veneers, invisible restorations, tooth implants, tooth whitening, or instant orthodontics to improve your smile, we have the solution here in Costa Rica at “COSDENT ” Clinic: Dr. Roberto Sauma Fiatt of Cosmetic Dentist Costa Rica

Costa Rica was first put on the map by President Oscar Arias as a Nobel Prize winner or the peace. That started tourism back in the 80’s. The Costa Rican Institute for Tourism (I.C.T) started the well-known campaign of “No artificial ingredients”.

At the end of the 90’s medical tourism started to get its feet wet with plastic surgery and dental care. Therefore, Costa Rica is now a major dental care destination.

Today, I’d like to tell you a bit about Dr. Roberto Sauma, who has been my dentist since 1982 and was a pioneer in the field of dental care and cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentist in Costa Rica Dr. Roberto Sauma and his clinic CosDent Dental Cosmetics with Porcelain has received from the Global Organization for Excellence in Health the international certification of “Excellence in Health Care Prize 2006” in recognition to the path as institution leader in the odontology field.

Dr. Sauma graduated from Dental School at the University of Costa Rica in 1982. More than 7000 satisfied patients will assure that Dr. Sauma can offer incredible and amazing cosmetic dentistry results for you. As a result, he is the dentist in Costa Rica you are looking for.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

In 1985, Dr. Sauma started “Cosdent” (the Cosmetic Dental Clinic using Porcelain), a clinic that is committed to providing a 100% aesthetic excellence.  Through all these years, “Cosdent” has become one of the most specialized clinics in working with Porcelain.  This material, used in restoration treatments, has fabulous physical properties which are very similar to natural dental tissue making it turn out excellent to work with.

Technically, CosDent is capable to modify the FORM, SHAPE, SIZE, COLOR, and POSITION of any tooth and achieving perfect smiles, in a very short period of time.

An advantage Dr. Sauma’s Clinic has is that he works the porcelain in his own laboratory. He commits himself to each specific case which guarantees two main issues:

A) Strict quality of the final product.
B) Timing to achieve final results.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry can be described as one or more dental treatments that improve the beauty of your smile. And a beautiful smile can be the beginning of a more successful, confident you.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

What is Porcelain Restoration? (Veneers and Crowns)

Veneers are thin slices of ceramic or porcelain. These are made to perfectly fit over the visible surface of the front teeth. Therefore it’s a dramatic makeover that will give you a healthy, stunning smile. Porcelain Restoration is a great way to treat discolored or ugly teeth, closing gaps between front teeth giving a healthy, long-lasting natural result.

A Crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and color of your own natural tooth. This is a great way to deal with damaged, decayed or broken teeth.

We correct problems with one or another, and when needed with the combination of these two techniques.

What are the benefits of the Porcelain Restoration?

  • It maintains almost the exact properties of a tooth, so it looks natural.
  • Is hard and durable as tooth tissues.
  • Its properties make it color stable.
  • Because of this, everything looks real, natural, and permits the cosmetic treatments the potential to achieve breathtaking beauty.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

Give some porcelain aesthetic examples

  • Dark borders
  • Appearance fix
  • Discoloration
  • Shape fix
  • Instant Orthodontics
  • Fractures
  • Visible Restorations
  • Gaps
  • Extreme Cases

What is tooth whitening?

Healthy teeth that have yellowed with age or stained from coffee, red wine or smoking usually respond well to whitening. We treat patients with the professional teeth whitening system, Beyond, or we also have a more economical home whitening kit, the effect is equally good. The top-up gel is supplied to maintain the result.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

What are white fillings  

There are a number of tooth-colored amalgam-free filling materials available. The most suitable options for your teeth are discussed and recommended during your first appointment.

What are dental implants

Today’s advanced technologies give you the choice of replacing lost teeth with dental implants, a life-long solution that will help you regain your teeth’s natural function. An implant is a small titanium post that replaces the root portion of a missing natural tooth. The implant is placed in the jawbone, allowed to bond with the bone, and serves as an anchor for the replacement tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

Can I do tooth replacement?

We can replace missing teeth with dental implants or bridgework. Also, we can achieve great results by combining the latest advanced materials and gum management techniques to make replacement teeth appear to emerge from the gum as a natural tooth.

What are instant orthodontics

Procedure limited to front teeth position improvement.  Consist of the using of porcelain veneers or porcelain laminates veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

Can you do general dentistry?

General dentistry includes root canal treatments (endodontics), cleanings, periodontal treatments, and surgery.

Smile design: Process to improve your smile

What can you do on the first visit

During the first appointment, you will have the opportunity to meet the team.  We will also listen to your concerns, assess your problems, offer treatment, answer your questions and hopefully, start the design for your new smile.

Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

3D Models and Photography

Next, you tell us the way you would like to proceed, based on the treatment option and the way you want your smile. So we’ll help you choose your smile and show you how it would look using computer technology, Photography, and 3D Ceramic Models.

We offer our patients a preview of the result through digital modification of the initial diagnostic pictures (Imaging) and transformation of stone models with wax (Diagnostic wax-up).  We can translate the new smile design to your mouth for a try in and approval, a Mockup.  Because it is quickly made and removed.

Trial Smile

Then you can examine the smile design 3D Model. We can check the aesthetics and function. If it’s in your interests, then we can also sculpt the teeth so you can try the proposed smile in your mouth.


Finally, we work to achieve the planned smile, by duplicating the smile design in the restorations adding color, surface, anatomy, and texture to finally bring your new smile!

I, Ivo Henfling, personally recommend Dr. Roberto Sauma as your dentist in Costa Rica, he’s definitely the best!Cosmetic dentistry CosDent Costa Rica

Cosmetic dentistry – “COSDENT” Costa Rica Dr. Roberto Sauma can be contacted at:

Phone: (506) 2223-8820
Schedule: Monday thru Friday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m

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