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Refinance a hard money loan in Costa RicaWe have great news for you! It is now possible to refinance a hard money loan in Costa Rica quickly and at an affordable rate.

Did you purchase a vacation home or a commercial property in Costa Rica with a hard money loan in the past? Are you fed up with paying too much interest just because you’re not a resident of Costa Rica?

Paying way over 10% in US dollars now? Wow, now you’re going to be able to refinance a hard money loan starting at an 8 1/2% interest rate, believe it or not! The interest rate will depend on your creditworthiness, but it will be a fixed rate for the whole term. AND, you’ll be able to get that loan for 30 years or less. The times of having to renew your loan every year or so are over now.

Borrowers for refinancing an existing loan can roll all their closing costs and prepaid costs into the new loan. They won’t have to bring any money to closing.

Interested? Then first read the information and fill out the form at the bottom to contact the lender.

A hard money loan is a mortgage secured by real estate and funded by a private lender. These loans are usually for a very short term and a good fit for business people who need to get funding for an investment property quickly.

In Costa Rica getting a real estate loan approved as a foreigner is extremely difficult and takes an inordinate amount of time. Many foreign property buyers have used hard money loans to purchase a vacation home or their primary residence in Costa Rica.

This was necessary because of a lack of credit with a local bank. In Costa Rica, to be able to apply for a home mortgage, you have to be a citizen or a resident.

At Costa Rica Mortgage Solution, we will connect you with a U.S. lender who is able to refinance a hard money loan for you in record time. As soon as you apply and complete all the necessary documents quickly. AND with no upfront fees!

Refinance a hard money loan in Costa Rica

What to refinance?

You can make your financial picture look great again. Hard money loans that can easily be refinanced are those that have good collateral and with the United States or Canadian nationality:

  • Vacation homes/condos and vacation rentals
  • Primary residences

For any nationality with enough collateral (not just land)

  • Hotel purchase
  • Office building purchase
  • Warehouse purchase
  • Business acquisition
  • Business expansion
  • Commercial & Residential real estate development

Refinance a hard money loan in Costa Rica

Now you can get

Now you can refinance your existing hard money loan at a

  • Fixed rate, starting at 8 1/2%, depending on your creditworthiness.
  • Fixed term, for up to 30 years with no pre-payment penalties
  • A minimum loan amount of only $100,000

It is really easy to refinance a hard money loan now because you have all the data needed to apply.

Loan Application Form
  • numbers & symbols allowed
  • enter US dollars amount (numbers only)

The differences

When you refinance a hard money loan or a bank loan, you’ll be giving yourself the following advantages:

  • In general, the interest rates of a hard money loan are anywhere between 10% to 20%, while our lender will be much and much lower than that.
  • The length of these loans is usually only from 1 to 5 years while your new loan will be from 10 – 30 years.
  • Hard money lenders will probably not finance more than 50% of the loan needed (LTV). Our lender will lend a much higher Loan to Value than that.
  • Conventional lenders (banks) will ask for documents, and then more documents, and then again more documents. When you think you are done, they will need another document. This process can take months to complete. We’ll have your pre-qualification within 1 working day. Get pre-qualified before you shop! And closing: 4-6 weeks after receipt of all documents.
  • Sometimes, banks take too long to close and you have to get some documents reapproved since they generally expire within 90 days. This is an additional expense, and many buyers become so frustrated they just walk away.

Are you interested in refinancing your hard money loan? Then you should start to explore obtaining a lower fixed rate mortgage as soon as possible. This should give you the long term solution you desire and save you thousands of dollars in payments.

Contact us now with all your questions about refinancing your hard money loan and we’ll get back to you soon.

Refinance a hard money loan in Costa Rica

The Author

Steve Wool was a top mortgage originator for Capital First, the largest refinance company in Florida, for 7 consecutive years. He wrote the manual for Costa Rica Mortgage Company and trained all their salespeople. Steve possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge has generated millions of dollars in loans over the years.     

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