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6 Important facts about Costa Rica Real Estate

As a foreign buyer, you are probably interested in learning about the important facts about Costa Rica Real Estate. Most people I know in the U.S. only dream about Costa Rica and very few really get to the point of retiring here. Nonetheless, thousands of retirees from the United States and other countries move to Costa Rica every year. Some move to the coast and others like the cooler Central Valley locations.

The advantage that Costa Rica has over most other places to retire is that you can pick the climate you feel most comfortable with as well as a wide range of beautiful retirement homes.

Costa Rica offers an incredible variety of different options for places to retire, just take your pick from dry heat at the beach or humid heat at the beach, warmer weather in the Central Valley or cooler weather in the Central Valley.

You can also pick the amount of rainfall and sunshine. Our American European Real Estate Group with 29 affiliate real estate agents throughout the country, offer you Costa Rica real estate, from coast to coast, the right way.Find out about the size of property in Costa Rica

6 Important facts

Discover the 6 important facts about facts about Costa Rica Real Estate that you probably didn’t know:

1.    Homes and land are measured in square meters and in hectares instead of square feet and acres. But don’t worry, all our agents know how to covert this for you.

2.    Homes are measured under roof and terraces, carport and other structures are taken as full construction instead of a/c or heated areas.  The size of a condo is also measure differently.

3.    It is not customary to use a title company for your Costa Rica real estate closing; it is done by a notary public. If you are interested in getting and paying for title insurance, make this clear to your agent.

4.    Utilities are not connected within 24 hours by the utility companies since they are government owned. Your real estate agent will help you figure out how to keep your power, water and phone connected until you have your own.

Property in Costa Rica5.    Be aware of title issues or buying beach front property inside the maritime zoning. Your agent will guide you through the hurdles of a real estate concession.

6.    There is no real MLS in Costa Rica, but our American European Real Estate Group’s website is the ONLY site with over 2,000 properties for sale from coast to coast.


You can take advantage of the benefits of a group of realtors from coast to coast, who work together well and hold your hands all the way through closing and past it. If you contact us now, you can have a choice a prime real estate. We can assist in your purchase of:

  • A retirement home with ocean views or mountain views, in cool weather or warm weather
  • Your single family home or in a gated community
  • A condo, walk to the beach or be two hours from the beach
  • Or any other specifications you might have.

Are these facts about Costa Rica Real Estate helpful and you are ready for a nice lifestyle and beautiful places to retire? Then you have now found your destination: Use our MLS to search for it and then contact us.

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