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7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica home with fruit trees

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7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica home with fruit trees

When living in the tropics, you should own a home with fruit trees, don’t you agree? Don’t you think it can be a joy to have fruit trees in your yard? Our agents agree that buyers often really want a home with fruit trees.

Of course, you want a home with fruit trees that are mature. You can’t wait 2 years to have breakfast with your own fruits, can you? Why even try, if we have over 400 properties with fruit trees in inventory on the MLS.

The advantage of the Costa Rican volcanic soil is that anything grows, once you stick it in the ground.

One of the joys of purchasing a property in Costa Rica is the potential for landowners to plant and care for trees that will bear fruit. Others buy a home with fruit trees and want to grow even more. Trees don’t need much help, they just grow. BUT…

Before they know it, they have fruit coming out of their ears.

7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica property with lots of fruit

7 Fresh ideas

Let’s give you a hand. Before you get yourself involved with a home with fruit trees, let me give you a few fresh ideas.

1. Too much

You don’t want to have too much fruit. For example, one mango tree can produce between 100 – 200 mangoes each year. If you plant 10 trees, you might end up with 2,000 mangoes every year, enough to start your own mango jelly factory. Then you can eat mango bread, mango jelly, mango cake, mango ice cream, and mango smoothies.

You can also make your own mango liquor and serve mango coladas at your parties. Then you’ll be shopping for one of the best rated chainsaws to chop all of those trees down but one just so you can get a break from all of those mangos!

7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica home with fruit trees


If you like your valley view or your ocean view, don’t plant fruit trees in front of your view. It might take a few years, but once the trees start to bear fruit, they’ll take away your view.

Therefore, plant new fruit trees away from your view. Preferably, plant them in those areas that are wasted anyway.

3. Banana trees

The first time I saw someone getting a bunch of bananas from the tree, that person just cut the tree down. I thought he did it to get to the cluster easier. I was wrong …

Once you’ve harvested the banana cluster, you should cut down the stem it grew on. Each stem will produce only one bunch of bananas, and cutting it down makes room for new stems to come up. So don’t bother trying to get to the cluster, just cut the tree down and then get the cluster.

By the way, the banana tree is not really a tree, it’s a plant.

7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica property with lots of fruit

4. Not everywhere

Check with your (future) neighbors or your realtor before growing the fruit trees of your choice. You might be trying to grow the wrong fruit trees. Avocado does well in a cooler climate and citrus fruit does well in a warmer climate. Pineapple doesn’t grow well in the same area as strawberries do, which are not trees by the way.

5. Agroservicio

A great place to go to is the local agricultural store or agroservicio, every village and town has one. This store will not only be able to sell you the necessary seeds or plants. They also have all the necessary articles like fertilizer, shovels, rakes, water hoses, etc.

7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica home with fruit trees

6. A choice of fruit trees

Here is a list of fruit trees you can expect to find, depending on where you will buy a home with fruit trees in Costa Rica.

  • Aguacate – Avocado
  • Anona
  • Banano – Banana
  • Caimito – Purple star Apple
  • Coco and Pipa – Coconut
  • Jocote – Spanish plum
  • Limón mandarino – Lemandarin
  • Limón mesino –  Lemon
  • Mandarina – Mandarin
  • Manga / Mango
  • Maracuyá – Passion fruit
  • Mamon and Mamon Chino – Lychee or Rambutan
  • Naranja – Orange
  • Níspero – Abiu
  • Papaya
  • Sapote
  • Toronja – Grapefruit

7 Fresh ideas for a Costa Rica property with fruit trees

7. Exotic fruits

That’s one of the reasons why you moved to Costa Rica, right? Why not have all these exotic fruits for breakfast? Before you start planting, visit a farmer’s market and try them first. Then buy the seeds at the Agroservicio.

In the market to buy a home with fruit trees? Or maybe you prefer to be looking for a building lot so you can custom build your own home with fruit trees? Contact us now and we’ll assist in a professional manner.

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