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7 Reasons a Thalassophile should own a Central Valley Condo

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7 Reasons a Thalassophile should own a Central Valley Condo

How can owning a Central Valley condo be a great idea for a thalassophile?

Well, once you live at the beach in Costa Rica, you’ll realize you’ll have to get to the Central Valley more often than you think. Although the larger cities around the beach areas offer more services than ever, San Jose is still the hub. Other cities, such as Alajuela or Heredia might also do it for you. Nonetheless, not every condo will suit adequately.

Of course, some prefer staying in an Airbnb or in a hotel. But the cost of that adds up. There are quite a few advantages for a thalassophile to owning a beautiful Central Valley condo:

8 Advantages

You’re not sure you really need a condo in the Central Valley? There are more advantages thank you might think, to name a few:

1.       You can make it your 2nd home in Costa Rica,

2.       It’s possible to not only keep your own toothbrush, but you can also keep all your own stuff there,

3.       You don’t have to make any reservations; you can go whenever you want,

4.       Not always do you want to dine out. You can make your own breakfast and cook your own dinner when wanted,

5.       Your friends and family can use it when they fly in. That way, the drive to the beach on the second day is going to much easier on them,

6.       Whenever you don’t need it, you can turn it into an Airbnb rental and make money, so it pays for itself.

7.       Your car will be parked in a safe spot when flying out of the country.

8.       Buying the right condo can be a very good investment.

7 Reasons a Thalassophile should own a Central Valley Condo

5 Disadvantages

Owning a Central Valley condo for a thalassophile might not always be a win-win situation. Therefore, it’s important you understand the disadvantages

1.       If you don’t use it, a condo can become a pain in the neck,

2.       You might not enjoy the cost of ownership,

3.       Owning a condo means having fixed overhead, such as HOA fees, utilities, and property tax,

4.       Friends who know about your condo might expect to stay there for free,

5.       You might come to love the Central Valley so much that you stop being a Thalassophile. That’s when you can call us to sell the condo and buy a larger property.

7 Reasons a Thalassophile should own a Central Valley Condo

7 Reasons

I can come up with 7 great reasons for a Thalassophile to have a Central Valley condo:

1.       When flying out of the country, you never again have to be afraid of missing your flight, because you got stuck in traffic.

2.       It’s important you see your lawyer, doctor, dentist, visit the hospital, or your embassy.

3.       The events, concerts, and plays that you love are often in the Central Valley.

4.       You and your family enjoy wining and dining so much, and those restaurants are in the Central Valley.

5.       There are quite a few friends who live in San Jose and they don’t have much time to visit you at the beach.

6.       Shopping is quite important in your life. Besides great membership shopping and Pequeño Mundo, there are boutiques, furniture, and other specialty stores in the Central Valley that you’d like to visit.

7.       Your lover lives in the Central Valley.

7 Reasons a Thalassophile should own a Central Valley Condo

9 Requirements

Are you convinced now? If you are, don’t go shopping for a condo yet. Let’s go over a list of requirements that you should come up with. Your real estate agent in the Central Valley will love you for this list, as it shows that you know what you want.

1.       First, determine your budget.

2.       If you’re a legal resident, and you can show income, you’ll be eligible for home financing. Contact your banker first, so your real estate agent will know your budget before you start shopping.

3.       Determine the area you want to be in. Make a list of places you will visit regularly and put them on a map, so you can easily pinpoint down a location that suits you. Or send your agent a list of important locations.

4.       If you plan on renting your San Jose condo out on Airbnb or Homeaway, establish how important that location is for future guests. Or ask your agents to assist with this.

5.       How important is 24/7 security for you?

6.       How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?

7.       Do you need an elevator for anything higher than a single story?

8.       Are onsite amenities such as a pool, a gym, a tennis court, or others.

9.       Do you want a view?

Are you a thalassophile and ready now to purchase your own Central Valley condo? Then contact us now, we’re the experts.

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