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Green Updates That Add Value to Your Home in Costa Rica

Green Updates That Add Value to Your Home in Costa RicaCosta Rica has earned a worldwide reputation for being environmentally conscious, so it was time to show you some green updates.

If you own an older house in Costa Rica, you can start investing in green updates now that will live up to that reputation and pay off when you want to sell.

These updates will also help you be a good steward of the country’s lush beauty and save you money in the meantime.

Energy Efficient Fixtures

Light fixtures can make or break a home’s look. Don’t give future potential buyers any reason to hesitate when it comes to style or efficiency. Try green updates on your current fixtures and experience the benefits of more pleasant and efficient lighting.

Look for Energy Star-qualified products. These have been approved by the Energy Star Environmental Protection Agency. That helps consumers make more efficient and environmentally friendly choices.

Green Updates That Add Value to Your Home in Costa Rica

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are probably the first thing you think of when you think of an energy efficient and environmentally friendly home. While solar panels are probably the priciest investment you could make when it comes to green updates on your home, the biggest draw is that rather than consuming energy, you’re generating it. You might as well take advantage of living in beautiful, sunny Costa Rica by converting solar radiation into energy!

Green Updates That Add Value to Your Home in Costa Rica

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After the initial investment, solar panels immediately and consistently pay off. It also pays off in a big way down the road; a solar power system greatly increases the value of your home. Small-scale renewable production has recently become more of a priority to regulatory authorities in Costa Rica, so you should have countless service options for installing and operating solar panels in your home.

Tankless Water Heater

Old water heaters can be wasteful as well as dangerous. When it’s time to replace yours, consider choosing a tankless unit if this is a possibility in your area. Unlimited hot water is a perk that many current buyers are looking for, and one you’ll enjoy in the meantime. But an even greater plus of green updates is that this feature operates on 40 percent less energy than traditional units, yet boasts a longer lifespan.

Rainwater Harvest System

Instead of letting all that rainwater go to waste, use it for your lawn and garden needs. Or even to take showers if you have a proper filtering system. Rainwater harvest systems can range from homemade ones that will run you a couple thousand dollars to sophisticated configurations that could cost you 15,000 or more. Even a basic, homemade harvesting setup can offset your typical water use and help you save money as well as preserve precious resources.

Smart Technology

Nowadays, you can control everything from your coffee maker to your thermostat from one device. With smart technology, you can easily control lighting, entertainment, security and, with some systems, practically anything else that uses electricity in your home. The convenience alone is enough to draw in potential buyers. But it can also be a great perk for those potential buyers looking for green solutions to everyday problems.

If you forget to turn off lights or an appliance when you go to work or realize you left the air conditioner full blast after you leave town, the mistake can be corrected right from your screen. Smart technology is one of the most useful green updates for those who own a vacation home in Costa Rica. In such way, owners may leave their house for weeks or months at a time.

Green Updates That Add Value to Your Home in Costa Rica

Photo via Cedia

Making green updates, big or small to your home can increase the value and the appeal. But it can also increase your comfort and savings in the meantime if you choose energy-efficient means of modernizing.

For more green ideas and other tips and tricks, head to

BY HANNAH WEST, guest blogger

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