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Handy detailed property checklist Costa Rica

Handy detailed property checklist Costa RicaI would like to share this handy detailed property checklist Costa Rica with all of you. When you purchase Heredia property or a property anywhere in Costa Rica, there are always a lot of things forgotten by all parties. A Costa Rica real estate purchase always involves a lot of details and you will find out about most of these details when it’s too late. That is the reason I created this detailed property checklist.

When you have a water leak and your living room is flooded, you don’t know where the main water valve is located. You do want to be able to turn the water off, don’t you?

Do you have an electrical problem, you want to switch off the power. But what if you cannot find the breaker box?

All the information in this detailed property checklist seems simple. But, they can save you a lot of headaches. Once you have closed on the property, I’m sure you will sometime run into trouble unnecessarily because you don’t know the property well. And that’s when you’ll be happy with this detailed property checklist.

Many sellers leave the country or will just disappear on you, and after the closing, all kinds of questions will come up. I have been selling luxury homes in Heredia for many years and have found out that most agents don’t do much more than show up at the closing. As a serious real estate agent in Heredia, I always work hard to make a real estate closing not only as smooth as possible for both the buyer and the seller, I sit down with the seller a couple of days before the closing and write up a property checklist.Handy detailed property checklist Costa Rica

This property information list offers information about the functioning of the property:

The location of

  • Cold water main valve
  • Hot water main valve
  • Main power switch
  • Breaker box
  • Septic tank
  • Last time septic tank was cleaned
  • Drainage septic system
  • Explanation of functioning of a water pump, pressure tank, and water reserve tank
  • Password alarm system
  • Others

Apart from the above, it is easier to use the same service people the seller has used. Get the names and phone numbers of those who directly or indirectly have something to do with the servicing of the property.

Handy detailed property checklist Costa RicaThis phone list will be very handy after the closing:

  • Condo Administrator
  • Cable TV
  • Water company
  • Power company
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Handyman
  • Architect or builder of the home
  • Gardener
  • Gate maintenance
  • Appliance repairman
  • Garbage collection days
  • Your realtor Xinia Salazar

Documents needed at the closing: Handy detailed property checklist Costa Rica

  • Passport or residency card (the one used when the property was purchased)
  • Corporate books, a copy of the constitution and corporate ID
  • Checks for the amount of the agreed on the sales price
  • Labeled keys and remote controls of the property
  • Paid last water and power bills
  • Paid property taxes and certified by Municipality
  • Construction plans if existing
  • Agreement what to do with the phone line

Suggestions for the seller:

  • Cancel cable TV and internet contract or get the existing contract changed into the name of the new owner.
  • Supply letters of cancellation of employees/gardener/maid’s worker’s comp, so they can eventually start fresh

Suggestions for the buyer:

  • Change locks or lock cylinders
  • Change alarm code

Surprised how complete this detailed property checklist is? Don’t, that is how I work. I’m a very detailed person and like to assist my clients professionally.

Contact me now for expert assistance to purchase property in Heredia.

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