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Show Costa Rica property or not when it rains

by Ivo Henfling for the Easy Times

Show Costa Rica property or not when it rains

Another realtor calls and wants to make an appointment to show a Costa Rica property listing in the afternoon, because the client can’t make it in the morning. During the green season (or the rainy season, depending how you want to call it) it rains most afternoons. Should we schedule a showing or should we not?

In Costa Rica, we real estate agents do NOT have lock boxes. We need to make the appointments, one by one. Sometimes to find out that the last one on the list cannot make it at that time, so we have to re-schedule all the appointments again. When the buyer runs late, it is hell, trying to get back to the schedule or juggling all these sellers who all have better things to do than wait for the real estate agent to show their Costa Rica property.

It rains or it pours

Our agent had made this showing appointment and buyer and buyers’ agent were sitting in the car, while our poor agent was ringing the bell, getting wet under her tiny little umbrella. It was pouring, the wind blowing from everywhere while she is standing in front of the gate, calling from her cell phone, trying to make the seller aware she was standing outside the gate. Check the drains of your costa rica property

The poor thing thought something happened to the sellers. The sellers, though they had agreed to the showing appointment, just decided not to open the gate because it was raining. The property was not shown and another property was sold, one that didn’t think the rain was a problem.

Do NOT show my property

The same evening, the agent receives an email from the seller with the following comment: If you are a serious realtor, you should not show my property when it rains (the actual email was a lot longer than that), which gave me the idea to write this blog. Allow me give you some information here that might be of interest for both buyers and sellers of Costa Rica property.

At what time?

Costa Rica real estate testimonial

All sellers, as well as the real estate agent, want to show the Costa Rica property for sale at with best possible weather (hopefully with a lot of sunshine), at the time when it suits the seller, the day after the gardener has come and the day after the maid has cleaned the whole house, not during lunchtime, not during nap time and not during martini time.

Oh, and after 9 am please.

Go on vacation?

From June till August it rains many afternoons, sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes for hours. It rains seriously in Costa Rica from September through November, that’s when we probably should turn people back at the airport. Should we just shut down our Costa Rica real estate business and go on vacation?


But what do we do with those buyers who come on purpose during the rainy season, especially when it is bad weather? They want to see if the roof leaks, if the house floods and if the drains work well. Could the house wash down the mountain?
Is the house dark or light? Do I have to turn on the lights at 4:30 pm every day or when it rains?Check the gutters of your Costa Rica property

It clicks or it doesn’t

If a house doesn’t look nice when it rains, why buy it? A home in Costa Rica and everywhere else should look great at any time and any weather, when it rains and when it doesn’t. Every real estate agent knows that you cannot sell a house to a buyer who doesn’t like the house. The home for sale has to click and it shows in the buyers’ face as soon as you walk in, most of the time. It doesn’t matter if it rains or not.

My advice to sellers

My advice to motivated sellers of Costa Rica property is to make sure their house ALWAYS looks good, no matter if it rains or not. Look at your house through the buyer’s eyes when it rains and fix what needs to be fixed. To dark? Make it light. Roof leaking? Fix it. If it rains too much to see the yard and the views but the house looks great, believe me, the buyer will be back for a second visit.

My advice to buyers

My advice to buyers of Costa Rica property is to look at the property you want to buy druing the rainy season. If you plan to buy during the dry season, get yourself a home inspector to look at the property.

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Ivo Henfling

Ivo Henfling started the American European Real Estate Network Costa Rica in 1996 and has grown it into the largest Costa Rica MLS with thousands of up to date property listings for sale and for rent. Ivo has written hundreds of articles about real estate and living in Costa Rica for The Tico Times and other online informational sites.

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