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Learn all about Public and Private Health Care in Costa Rica

Learn all about Public and Private Health Care in Costa RicaWill you be in trouble to pay for expensive healthcare as soon as you retire? Ivo Henfling of the American-European Real Estate Group Costa Rica gets loads of daily emails. There, clients ask for more information on healthcare in Costa Rica, so he asked me to help out on this.

Good and affordable healthcare in Costa Rica is imminent of you want to move to Costa Rica and retire here. For that reason, public and private health care are probably #1 on your bucket list of issues that will decide if you will make the step or not. But how can you find out what is current and what is not?

You will be able to search on Google or Yahoo what your options are but how do you know if the data is up to date or if it has changed? You will be surprised how simple the solution is: register for my tour “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security”.

Healthcare is one of the most important issues with which Expats want and need to become familiar with how to get the best health care for the least expense. Like the weather in Costa Rica has “micro climates” there are micro areas of Medical and Dental services.

What are your options?

Coverage by the Social Security system (CAJA) is required to obtain Residency. Enrollment in the CAJA is relatively easy and there are no restrictions for pre existing conditions. There are small clinics all around the country as well as some excellent Hospitals staffed by some very capable and caring Doctors & Nurses. There are Red Cross units in most towns for emergency services and transport to Hospitals.

Find all the answers to your questions on George Lunquist’s Retirement Tour

There is Government controlled “private” insurance available from the INS. Enrollment for this is subject to strict restrictions on pre-existing conditions and you need permanent residency to apply.

There are many private, International insurance options and most USA private insurance companies are glad to cover costs of quality medical and dental procedures here in Costa Rica due to the LOWER costs.

The details

Register for my tour and you will find out all about those details. During my Regular tour, we visit some of the Public and Private facilities and you will hear first-hand from past guests some amazing success stories that they are HAPPY to share. This allows my Guests to see up-close and personal so they can judge for themselves if they will have confidence in Medical and Dental care in a town or area before they decide to move.

The quality and availability of services, like any other country, is distributed over a normal curve. That is, we have some not so good, the majority very good, and some excellent medical services. There are many “experts” opinions on the internet who generally report any “bad” experience as being typical. During the tour, we hear many actual experiences and costs from our network of Expats.

You will find all the healthcare information on George Lundquist’s Retirement Tour

Your pets

For Pet Owners, the Veterinary services in Costa Rica are an excellent and low cost in most areas we visit on the tour. Our Guest Network is always happy to share their experiences and make recommendations.

In my opinion, after living here and having received input from hundreds of past Guests for over 13 years and having gone through several Medical challenges like Vocal Chord Cancer, Thyroid removal, large Kidney stone removal, Global Temporal Amnesia, Cataract surgery, Glaucoma valve surgery, and several Red Cross and Emergency Room experiences, we are very pleased with the healthcare at very affordable costs.


Quite often, I receive registrations for my tour from those who already retired. I have lived in Costa Rica for a while and found out that they could have saved a lot of money by doing my tour. That’s when they make a great decision to sign up. On the tour, they learn about all that important information.

Don’t wait, sign up now for my tour “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security” now.

This article was written for the Easy Times by George Lundquist. George Lundquist moved to Costa Rica in 2001 at the age of 61. He soon found out there was a need for a tour that he calls Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security. I strongly recommend for those who want to do their due diligence the easy way, to book the tour with George. And then contact us to purchase Costa Rica real estate.

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