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Looking to retire and Costa Rica is on your list?

Looking to retire and Costa Rica is on your list?Looking to retire yet? I know it really gets cold out there, especially in certain parts of the north. Fed up with the snow and other weather conditions?

I’m of Dutch origin and moved to Costa Rica in 1980 and still love every day of it. I’ve seen some hard times, haven’t we all, but I have never regretted the decision of moving. I came here for different reasons than I have now; I wanted to get out of the rat race and now the rat race caught up with me.

But I enjoy every day of it. What’s the difference? All these years of living in Costa Rica have made me wiser and I have realized that paradise doesn’t exist, you make paradise yourself.

Throughout those years, I have always worked hard, first to survive, as I was learning how to live in Costa Rica with a different culture, a different language, and a different way of doing business, learning to adjust to all these new things.

Soon, I came to appreciate the great weather in this beautiful country, nature, the easy-going people, and their acceptance of foreigners among others.

Looking for places to retire

Costa Rica is one of many countries that those who are already looking to retire might move to. Nowadays, with easy access to information through the internet, it’s easy to do due diligence. Lots of people look at countries like Thailand, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, and of course Costa Rica. Costa Rica has always been an attractive country for those who were looking to retire to a different destination than Florida.

Looking to retire and Costa Rica is on your list?

Florida has always been a safe and secure haven for those who were looking for sunshine and it still is of course. But those who want to think out of the box and are in for that adventure they never had because of the children, the job, the church, or any other reason that kept them in their hometown, finally have a chance to make those old dream come true when they retire.

We are all a little crazy

I am one of those who moved from his home country and I must admit it, all of us who have done this are a little crazy. Most of us are just fed up with rules, the way the government and our neighbors organize our lives and we are in for something new, an adventure.

I find that most who are looking to retire are successful in adapting to a new country and a new life, have traveled a lot in their life or have lived in different countries and when they go back where they came from, they cannot adjust to that lifestyle anymore. But they will adjust to yet another lifestyle, culture, and other challenges.

A small country and great people

Now, having explained all that, you have to understand that Costa Rica has about 4 million registered inhabitants. We have, just like in the US, a lot of illegals and perpetual tourists living in Costa Rica.

Looking to retire and Costa Rica is on your list?

Therefore, you can compare Costa Rica with any large city in the United States, like Los Angeles or Chicago. There are no real numbers available as the last census was done in the year 2,000. So we can’t even figure out how many people have moved to Costa Rica over the past 5 years.

So, when we speak about the real estate boom in Costa Rica, I could have been 3,000 or 50,000 people who have moved here. There are no up-to-date numbers available.

Also, Costa Rica is smaller than the State of West Virginia. I think this explanation was necessary, so you’d have a better understanding of what we’re talking about here.

Reasons to Retire to Costa Rica

Why have all these people moved to Costa Rica? These are some of the reasons:

  • On International Living top 10 for best places to live or retire to
  • Real democracy with many political parties
  • A very stable economy
  • NO army and the funds are spent on education
  • A large part of the local residents are bilingual
  • The quality lifestyle you have been used to all your life
  • Perfect weather with many microclimates to choose from
  • #3 world ranking for Environmental Performance by Yale University 2010 (1st in Latin America)
    Atenas is on AARP top 10 for best places to retire abroad
  • # 29 world ranking for Press Freedom by Reporters without Borders 2010 (1st in Latin America)
  • # 31 world ranking for Global Peace by Institute for Economics & Peace 2011
  • # 49 world ranking for Economic Freedom by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal 2011
  • Highest score in happy life years on the Happy Planet
  • Has become an important destination for cosmetic surgery and dentistryLooking to retire and Costa Rica is on your list?

An invitation

I invite you to come and find out for yourself how good life can be once you make the decision to move and what living in Costa Rica can mean to you.

If you are looking to retire, you will need the professional assistance of a good and serious real estate agent. You have arrived at the right place. We have the largest choice of Costa Rica real estate on the market, contact us now.

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