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Seniors use the internet more than ever

Seniors use the internet more than everIt’s amazing how well seniors use the internet on a daily basis. In fact, the World Wide Web is the perfect tool for a senior to do research on the most incredible topics.

99% Of our clients do their due diligence on moving and retiring in Costa Rica. Also, a huge amount of seniors use the internet to receive our weekly newsletter and search for property the buy or rent.

Seniors are often not on the same level of internet use as millennials. But recent studies have shown that elderly people are now more connected than ever. It’s a fact that my 85-year old mother uses Google instead of a dictionary or an encyclopedia. And she uses her computer every day of the week.

This study shows that more than 70% of Internet users aged 65+ now use the internet on a daily basis. People born between 1946 and 1964 – nowadays spend roughly 27 hours online every week.

Regular mail

Only once in a while, we receive an email at the Costa Rican MLS, with a request to send more information to a mailbox or by fax. I haven’t had a letter from a client in the regular mail in over 10 years, because everyone uses email now. AND we don’t even have a fax anymore.

So necessary

It is almost impossible to survive without being connected to the internet. Banks, utility companies and other services oblige clients to pay their bills online. In Costa Rica, Seniors use the internet because they have to.

In Costa Rica, if you’re a driver, you are obliged to give them your email address. So they can send you a ticket by email.

Internet dependent

I am so glad I showed my mom how to use a computer when she was still in her 60’s. Some of her neighbors are now totally dependent on their children for banking, payments and even to purchase a bus or train ticket. Nowadays, you either have a phone with an internet connection or you are in trouble, even if you are a senior

MedAlertHelp.org created an interesting infographic that they allowed me to share with you.

Learn more in this interesting infographic about the fact that seniors use the internet more than ever and make sure you visit their blogs:

Seniors use the internet more than ever

The Elderly and the WWW - types of information accessed online

The Elderly and the WWW - uses
The Elderly and the WWW - Usage by category
The Elderly and the WWW - User Stats
The Elderly and the WWW - Subscribers by age
The Elderly and the WWW - Disabled Seniors Online
The Elderly and the WWW - Technology use
The Elderly and the WWW - Popular daily online activities
The Elderly and the WWW - What device do they use?
The Elderly and the WWW - Smartphone Usage
The Elderly and the WWW - Prrimary email device
The Elderly and the WWW - Conversion Rate by age
The Elderly and the WWW - Social media usage
The Elderly and the WWW - Who doesn't use it?
The Elderly and the WWW - Reason for not using WWW?
The Elderly and the WWW - Sources

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