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Should your retirement home in Costa Rica be senior friendly?

Should your retirement home in Costa Rica be senior friendly? You are in your 50’s and feel you can conquer the world. Of course you don’t smoke, you run the hood at least twice a week. And you love your burgers but don’t exaggerate on your eating habits either. Are you thinking about your retirement home yet?

Maybe you have saved up some money or have a nice retirement fund with money sitting there and not doing much for you.

Some of you are probably completely overweight, unhealthy, smoke like a chimney, drink like a sailor, stressed out from too much work and/or family problems but with some money in the bank.

Now you’re ready to start thinking of buying your retirement home in Costa Rica: should the home be senior friendly?

Why would you think about your retirement if you’re only in your 50’s? Because you’re smart, you think ahead and that’s why you have done well in life. That’s why you are playing with the idea of investing in your future retirement home in Costa Rica.

A foot in the door

If you get a foot in the door on an early age, you can start working toward retirement much easier, with no pressure and you can even start making some additional income when you do it right.

Is a single story home an option for you?

Is a single story home an option for you?

There are a lot of people in their 50’s who get started early by buying their retirement home in Costa Rica and generating some nice income. You can rent the home out to the snowbirds that live in Costa Rica only during the winter months so they’re away from the cold. Others rent a home for a few months to try to figure out where they want to live or if retiring in Costa Rica works for them. So there are plenty of takers for a nice retirement home for rent in Costa Rica.

Where and what type of retirement home

Once you have figured out which location you’d want your retirement home in Costa Rica to be, in the Central Valley, the beach areas or in a rural area, the next question is what type of home would you been looking for. Remember, this is going to be your home as soon as you retire. Right now, like I said before, you probably don’t smoke, you run the hood at least twice a week and you love your burgers but don’t exaggerate on your eating habits. Are you sure you’re physical condition will be as good in another 10 years? Or in 20 years? Does the home need to be a senior friendly home?

Is a condo an option for you?

Is a condo an option for you?

Essential questions to ask

Your future physical condition is important when you take a decision what kind of retirement home in Costa Rica you are going to buy and if your home should be senior friendly.  There are 8 essential questions to ask:

1.    Do you want a single-story floor plan for your new home (in some areas called a ranch style home) or is a two-story home also an option?

2.    If you purchase a two-story home, could you install an elevator or a stair lift if needed later on?

Is a two story home an option for you?

Is a two story home an option for you?

3.    Does the house have to be wheel chair accessible?

4.    Can the house made to be wheelchair accessible when necessary by building ramps to get inside the house and does it offer easy access from room to room?

5.    Is the master bathroom easy to maneuver in or can it be made into a functional bathroom easily?

6.    Does the topography of the property enable you to walk without having to climb stairs or steep slopes?

7.    If there is a swimming pool on the property, is it easily accessible?

8.    Is a condo with an elevator a better option?

Ready to take the jump?

Ready to take the jump?

Let us know when you’re ready

When you are ready for the purchase of your retirement home in Costa Rica, we would love to form part of your project and assist you in picking the best options.

Contact the AE MLS Costa Rica

We can also recommend how to use your retirement funds such as your IRA or 401(k) for your purchase. Contact us now.

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