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Picking up woodworking as a hobby in Costa Rica?

Estimated Reading Time: 7 Minutes

Picking up woodworking as a hobby in Costa Rica?

This week, we’re closing with a buyer who is bringing her dad’s woodworking tools to Costa Rica. She’s worked hard all her life and never found the time to use these tools, just too busy. But now she finally retired and will be able to enjoy her new hobby.

When you retire in Costa Rica, you will need a hobby. You can’t be watching the birds fly by while sipping piña coladas all day long, for the rest of your life.

Maybe woodworking is for you a great hobby option too, even though there are risks to working with sharp tools. So, I decided to ask an expert, Tom Bradly, to help me out with some safety tips.

For woodworking, ebanistería in Spanish, you need to deal with various machines and saws that can injure you quite badly in the process. If these powerful tools are not handled properly, there are possibilities of more serious injuries. Many people stay carefree while working with wood. But this is not the place where you can be careless.

Woodworking hobbyists definitely need to follow some fundamental woodworking safety tips to protect themselves from injuries and make the hobby fun and enjoyable.

Picking up woodworking as a hobby in Costa Rica?

Dust Collectors

Some woodworkers often do not clean up after being done for the day. This is why we have put this tip up first to emphasize it and remind you of it. You should thoroughly clean up the whole place after completing the tasks. A messy room is the first step to injuries. Do not try to remove the cut-offs or debris with your hands. You can use vacuum cleaners or dust collectors to help you with this chore. If you don’t have one, you can purchase some good dust collectors at reasonable prices on

You should also clear off the machinery area before working with the tools. Dislodge the nails or screws. This is critical as when you start working with the power tools, any metal lodged into it will hinder the process and might injure you.

Safety Gear Should Be Your Best Friend

It is common sense to wear safety gear on you to stay protected. Using powerful tools can be hazardous. To minimize the risks, there cannot be any substitutes for safety gear. So, always wear safety gear before you start work. We have come up with a list to help you keep these in stock:

The Right Clothes

Do not wear too baggy or loose clothes, or they might get in your way of work and can get you into trouble. Try to always wear something that is comfortable and perfectly matches the environment and your body. You can also use an apron to save your clothes from the dust. Also, put away any kind of bracelet or watch before using any machinery, or those can get stuck when working.

Picking up woodworking as a hobby in Costa Rica?


Woodworking is mostly about working with hands. So, it is essential to keep that area of your body most protected. Use latex gloves for hand protection. You can also use anti-vibration gloves to minimize hand pressure and work smoothly with a great degree of flexibility.

Safety Glasses

Prevent your eyes from the dust with safety glasses. Look out for glasses with resistant lenses and side screens. Eyes are a sensitive body part, and woodworking is a job that produces particles that can harm the eyes. So, this one is a must-have tool.

Ear protection

If you ever ask a woodworker the most annoying thing about woodworking, they reply that the noise it creates is intolerable. But to minimize this issue, you should wear ear protection. This precaution can also save you from hearing deterioration issues or Tinnitus.


Using masks or face protection is always a great idea. This will help you not to breathe in dust and debris.

Disconnect Power

If you work with wood, you definitely are familiar with changing blades of the power tools. Never change the blades, disc, or bits of your tools before disconnecting the power. You should also remember to turn the power switch off after using the machine. You can also get a breaking device to stay out of the risk of leaving power tools unattended.

Avoid Excessive Wiring

Try to buy wireless devices. Too many wires in the workplace can get in your way and cause damage. Fewer wires mean fewer chances of tripping over and getting injured. You can also use one extension cord for all the tools to make the place less cluttered. It also ensures you do not accidentally leave any tools powered on. If you turn off the main breaker, all other machines connected to it get switched off.

Keep Distractions Away

Do not get careless or distracted while working, and make sure you are working in a secured place. Also, never multitask while using power tools. If you need to do anything, turn off the tools and then proceed. Also, you can leave a do not enter sign out on the door to keep away people from disturbing you.

Do Not Use Dull Tools

Blunt blades and bits make your work harder for you, and it might result in slow work. Sometimes it can result in kickbacks, which can be dangerous. Pieces might get stuck to the blade. So, always change your blades when they get dull. Sharp bits and blades ensure smooth and efficient risk-free cuts.

Also, do not use tools that you are not familiar with or do not have prior experience of. Get trained up before using any power tools. You can look for alternative tools too if the work needs to be done.

Never Reach Over A Running Blade

Some woodworkers have a bad habit of using their hands to stop running blades after switching it off. Never do this, wait till the blade stops moving on its own. Also, check your wood if it’s tight and secure enough before working on it.


Woodworking has its share of risks, but it is really a fun job to do. Staying conscious and following the above-mentioned safety tips will keep you safe from the risks. Injuring yourself is not what you really want, right? So, to avoid the dangers and pitfalls of woodworking, and make sure you have the right equipment. Check everything a few times before starting your work.

Tools in Costa Rica

Do you need spare parts or replacement of your woodworking tools? Then try at Capris in La Uruca (west side San Jose). They also offer safety gear.

The Author

Based on more than 15 years of personal, first-hand experience as a professional handyman and woodworker, Tom Bradley has authored over 1,000 articles about how to succeed in the handyman business. Tom teaches all the tricks of the trade that he’s learned. These range from which tools he prefers, to which woodworking plans he has had the most success with. His Woodworking Toolkit blog is regarded as one of the authorities about woodworking tools on the internet.

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