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Do Costa Rican beaches have mild temperatures?

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Do Costa Rican beaches have mild temperatures?

The beaches of Costa Rica have very mild temperatures for someone who moves here from another tropical country. But for someone who comes from the most northern states of the U.S., they’re not so mild.

Along the coast, temperatures average between 25–34˚C (77–93˚F), which most of us can’t really call mild temperatures!

This blog is because so many people contact us and say they want to buy a beach condo. But they want mild temperatures. Is that possible in Costa Rica?

I am a real estate broker and not a scientist. I know everything about selling property in Costa Rica. BUT, let me try to find a sensible answer to this question.

The temperatures in all our beach areas are more or less similar. Even during the rainy season, the temperatures won’t vary too much from month to month. But, during the rainy season, you will feel the humidity variation. The temperatures at our beaches are what they should be: hot. You can’t enjoy the beach and swimming in the ocean when it’s cold. The reason for people to move to a beach in Costa Rica is not for the mild temperatures, quite the opposite!

Let’s have a look at all those beaches below. We have over 800 miles of coastline. Thanks, CostaRica.Org, for sharing this map, that’s shows some of the most important beaches, with us.

Do Costa Rican beaches have mild temperatures?

Rainy season

The rainy season in Costa Rica generally starts at the beginning of May to the end of November. The transition months are April, May, and October. The rainiest months in Costa Rica are September and October. November is the transition month from the rainy to the dry season. That is when you’ll feel the humidity most.

The average humidity in the Central valley usually runs between 74% and 80% and between 80% and 90% in the coastal areas. The North Pacific is the less humid of all beach areas.

What’s the difference?

When compared to each other, the mild temperatures are in the Central Valley. Honestly, there is not much difference between each beach area. You can find mild temperatures in the higher elevations of the Central Valley.

Do Costa Rican beaches have mild temperatures?

The Equator

The distance from the equator affects the climate of a place. At the poles, energy from the sun reaches the earth’s surface at lower angles and passes through a thicker layer of atmosphere than at the equator. That means the climate is cooler further from the equator and gets warmer as you get closer.

Why is it hotter in countries near the equator? Because the sun’s rays hit the earth’s surface at a higher angle at the equator.

Costa Rica is 10ºnorth from the equator, putting the country in the subequatorial zone. Look at the list below; then you will see that quite a few more countries are also 10º from the equator. Therefore, these countries have the same temperatures as Costa Rica:

Abyei Benin Burkina Faso
Cameroon Central African Republic Chad
Colombia Ethiopia Federated States of Micronesia
Ghana Guinea India
Ivory Coast Marshall Islands Myanmar (Burma)
Nigeria Philippines Somalia
South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan
Tamil Nadu Thailand Togo
Venezuela Vietnam

Adapt to the temperatures

Our feelings of hot or cold are produced by thermoreceptors, nerve cells found in the skin that can detect temperature differences.

It might feel hot on the first day when you arrive at a beach area. Take a shower as soon as you arrive; you’ll see that you will feel much better. Humans adapt to hot climates after a few weeks. The blood concentrations of water and salt adjust to allow more significant cooling, the blood vessels alter to get more to the skin, and so on.

Your physical condition, age, and other factors affect how your body copes with heat and cold. For example, lean people tolerate heat better than obese people. The more obese a person is, the less skin surface area they have in relation to their weight. A greater surface area provides more exposed skin to perspire and cool the body through evaporation.

Do Costa Rican beaches have mild temperatures?

Mild temperatures

So, if you are looking for mild temperatures in Costa Rica, look for an altitude of over 800 meters or an average of 70ºF – 80ºF mild.

Our affiliate agents cover the whole country, from coast to coast. So we can assist whatever property in cooler and warmer latitudes you’re looking for if it exists! Contact us now.

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