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Winter weather in Costa Rica is hard to beat

Winter weather in Costa Rica is hard to beatDid you know that the winter weather in Costa Rica is extraordinary?

Looking for a sun-drenched getaway this winter? With stunning beaches, natural wonders and the best winter weather on the north side of the equator, Costa Rica might just serve as your personal paradise.

Wikipedia explainsBecause Costa Rica is located between 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator, the climate is tropical year round. However, the country has many microclimates depending on elevation, rainfall, topography, and by the geography of each particular region.”

Most of us expats have moved here because of the weather in Costa Rica and the great temperatures. Trying to get away from the harsh winter weather up north can get into your brain and stick there for a lifetime. Until you do something about it.  We are all able to make the change in our lives so we don’t have to clean our windshield from ice in the morning.

Some people love to suffer but the smart ones move to Costa Rica and only go back “home” during summertime, at least I do.

When you plan to move to and purchase a property in Costa Rica, no matter if you want to become an expat or a snowbird, you need to pick the climate you like best and Costa Rica has lots of options.  In Costa Rica, you can decide to live where the temperatures are best for your lifestyle. You might be used to have 4 seasons and no matter which city you live in, the climate, temperatures, and rainfall are all the same. Not so in Costa Rica.

Winter weather in Costa Rica is hard to beat
Or do you prefer a view like this?

The dry season

The dry season in Costa Rica is also called summer or high season because of the tourists. This season runs from December through April. During most of the dry season, it does not rain in Costa Rica. Every city and town of Costa Rica is different, depending on the altitude and the winds. Do your due diligence; ask each of our affiliate agents about the weather in each of the seasons in the area you’re visiting and how it can influence your life and the Costa Rica property you might be purchasing.

The green season

The green season in Costa Rica is also called rainy season or low season. This season runs from May through November. The Tourism Board (ICT) marketing team did a good job changing the name of the rainy season as the green season. It sounds a lot nicer.  Our green season is like your winter.

It actually doesn’t rain all the time during the green season. In October and November, you can count on a lot more rain than during the months of June through September when you will get a rain shower here and there. During the rainy season, you will have almost the same temperatures as you have in the dry season. During the months of December and January though, the winds will lower the temperatures a bit. It can get as cold as 45ºF, just like your winter weather.

Winter weather in Costa Rica is hard to beat
You can enjoy the countryside

The rain

Costa Rican nature is what made the country famous worldwide and it is the rain that keeps it beautiful. We get very little rain during the dry season. You will find areas like Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula to be arid. But with one nice rain shower will turn green again for a week or so. This rain map is pretty decent though it doesn’t really show the exact differences either. Large portions of the country are shown to be the same while the reality is different. Ask our affiliate agent in each area about the rainfall in that particular area and to point out the problems rain can create for a Costa Rica property. This rainfall weather map can also be very helpful.

The sunshine

People with a darker skin can put up with a lot more sunshine than white people can. Even with skin cancer becoming an issue, we all love the sun. The more sunshine, the happier the people are. This map shows pretty good what the average chance of sunshine in the different areas of Costa Rica is. This Sunshine and Temperature map can be very helpful.

The humidity

You DO need to take note that the humidity also plays a large role in the whole picture of the Costa Rica weather. Some people feel comfortable with a much higher humidity level than others do. I have never been able to find an online humidity map online to show how different it is from area to area, but especially the beach areas of Costa Rica have huge differences in humidity levels.

Winter weather in Costa Rica is hard to beat
So you can do this year round!


During the green season, Costa Rica will receive sometimes the tail end of tropical storms and hurricanes both on the Caribbean side as well as on the Pacific side of the country. These rain storms might provoke flooding, even in the higher locations of the Central Valley. Ask our affiliate agent to point out the problems a property might have during the heavy part of the rainy season.

Don’t you also want to get away from that horrible winter weather?

Before you purchase Costa Rica property for sale, read up on the different areas and the issues mentioned above or ask our agent in the area you’ll be visiting. It will help you be a happy person for the rest of your life.

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