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4 Benefits Of Using Smart Technology On Your Costa Rican Property

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes

4 Benefits Of Using Smart Technology On Your Costa Rican Property

By using smart technology, you can take advantage of several benefits. In Costa Rica, 98% of the energy we use is renewable energy, a feat that many larger and wealthier countries have not yet accomplished.

Costa Rica is an incredible country to live in. I know, I’ve lived here now for over 40 years. There always seem to be some negative issues, that can influence your lifestyle. One example is the fact that we use renewable energy: it is more expensive. Therefore, we always strive at offering you our information articles full of tips.

Today, we are able to show you 4 benefits of using Smart technology at home or in your business:

1. Trim Your Energy Bills

But wouldn’t it be great to be able to trim your energy bills without compromising the use of various appliances at home?

If you have central A/C in your beach home, smart technology can automatically adjust your home’s temperature and switch off when no one is home. Smart air conditioning units automatically turn on when motion is detected indoors and turn off otherwise. This will significantly reduce your energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills.

If you have plans to rent out your property, smart technology can also help your tenants. There are now building energy monitoring tools that allow tenants to access a live view of their utility consumption using their smartphones. This will make it easier for tenants to determine their energy consumptions and minimize wasting energy and water in the property.

2. Protects Your Home And Belongings

In some things, Costa Rica is still a 3rd world country. We don’t have unemployment benefits for example. Therefore, those who have to feed their children and don’t have an income, need to find a way. Many sell products at traffic lights and on the downtown boulevards. Others find more dishonest ways of making a living.

Using smart technology is an excellent way of protecting your Costa Rican property. With smart technology, you can maximize different tools that send notifications to your smartphones when an emergency arises. For example, if you install smart security cameras, you’ll receive notifications to your phone if there are any movements around your home while you’re away.

Other smart home techs that can protect your home and belongings include Wi-Fi-equipped smoke detectors and moisture monitoring devices, among others.

3. Manages All Of Your Home Devices In One Place

Technology has impacted everyone’s lives. Who doesn’t use his phone to do a series of handlings that you didn’t think possible 10 years ago? My 89-year-old mother uses a computer with Windows 11, has a smartphone, and does her own internet banking.

Another benefit you can get from using smart technology is controlling all your devices in one place. Do you want to turn off all your kitchen appliances? Or turn on all devices in the bedroom before you get home? Whatever you want to do with your gadgets at home, you can do everything by tapping your smartphone’s screen.

This feature will surely bring convenience as you don’t have to adjust your appliances manually, saving you tons of time and effort!

4. Helps You Stay Healthier

Maybe you don’t have your own gym at home, and exercise is not part of your daily routine. But, when you’re getting older, using smart technology to track your health is a great idea.

Smart technology provides accurate and timely home management insights that help you monitor countless things Those homeowners who want to live healthier lifestyles are able to easily track and analyze your diet, blood pressure, and blood sugar level for example.

Some even have a feature that detects accidents and automatically gets in touch with your healthcare provider or the local emergency responders.

Final Words

What’s so great about smart technology is you don’t have to spend your life savings to enjoy its benefits. You can incorporate different components one at a time and add more as you go along.

Start researching the available smart technology in Costa Rica, we invite you to invest in it. Making this investment today will surely improve the quality of your life in the long run!

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