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5 Interior Design Tips for a Tropical Environment

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5 Interior Design Tips for a Tropical Environment

It’s essential to have the interior design of a house in Costa Rica according to the geographic location. Costa Rica offers not only a much-varied topography and views.

The impact of tropical environmental factors such as humidity, rainfall, and temperatures is quite important. If you decorate the home without considering the geographic location, your interior design will not enhance the house’s appearance.

Various things required in the house’s interior design, such as accessories, furniture, wall design, flooring, Area Rugs, and much more. These details enhance the appearance of the home by giving adorable beauty to it. It’s essential to analyze the environment where you buy the new house first and then design it according to that.

If you are not familiar with the availability of materials in Costa Rica, I suggest you hire your own interior designer. Look for one with experience, but more importantly, one who knows the local environment.

Suppose that you have made the decision to purchase a home in Manuel Antonio, in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. Everyone in your family wants to live in peace without traffic noise and air pollution. They also require mental and physical peace.

5 Interior Design Tips for a Tropical Environment

After closing, the next step is the interior design. Let’s take you through some steps, tips, and ideas for an interior design of your house that fits your style and personality:

1.     Analyze your Living Style

First of all, the main thing is to analyze how you plan your way of living in Costa Rica. Your culture and religion are vital issues. Are you following any old customs and traditions? Or are you looking for a totally different lifestyle than what you’ve had in your home country?

Then ask yourself which design will be suitable according to your way of living. The entire design plan must be made according to the budget.

2.     Consider the Fabrics and Colors

The next step is to decide which colors you select for the walls, furniture, curtains, and other details. The color combination must be ideal for your taste and combine well with the tropical environment.

You can apply texture on one wall, while the other walls of the space should be plain. Select the contrast color of the one wall. For instance, if you have selected an off-white color for all the living room walls, you can select green or red for the contrasting wall. It will give a nice touch to the living room because the off-white color gives calmness to the people, while the red energizes the people.

It’s essential to decide the color of the fabric of the cushions, sofas, and curtains according to the color and texture of the wall.  Make sure the colors fit the tropical environment.

3.     Furniture and Rugs

As you know, furniture is the essential requirement of every family. If the rooms are big, you can select large furniture. But if the rooms are small, select the small furniture that easily fits into the room. Big furniture makes a house look small and you can’t move around easily.

Planning to bring your old furniture? Then make sure it fits in your new home in Manuel Antonio. If you’re going to downsize, get rid of some before moving it here. In case you are bringing your old furniture, repaint or re-upholster it. Keep in mind that the color of the furniture matches the wall’s colors or the other way around.

Placement of the living room, dining, bedroom, and kitchen rugs is essential to add beauty and give the home the necessary coziness and warmth. So first paint the entire home and placing the furniture into it, then select the right rug according to the whole interior.

5 Interior Design Tips for a Tropical Environment

4.     Curtains, Blinds & upholstering

Measure the windows before ordering the curtains or blinds. Windows in Costa Rica are custom-made and not a standard size. Often, homeowners like to get up at sunrise, so they don’t use any curtains or blinds at all. Others prefer black-out curtains in their bedroom.

If you plan to bring old furniture that needs upholstering, I recommend you have them upholstered before shipping them. Although probably more expensive, you’ll have a much better choice of fabric and a better quality renovation where you are moving from. For new furniture, look around in the better stores in the Central Valley before you make any decision.

5.     The Finishing Touch

Various accessories make the entire look of your home elegant and inviting. Dedicate special attention to lighting by using the right lamps in social areas and bedrooms. This will enhance the house’s entire interior design and beautify the night view of the house.

Decide if your interior design is a traditional, minimal, modern, industrialist, contemporary, or another style.  The showpieces must be placed in the social areas for all to enjoy. These accessories must be selected according to the furniture and your lifestyle.

For sure you’ll be surrounded by nature, but you’d want to bring some of it inside. Design green spaces and interior gardens. Don’t forget to water your plants on time.


RugKnots is an online store that offers a wide range of adorable rugs manufactured in distinct countries. You can buy them online and have them shipped here.

You can also purchase good-quality rugs in Costa Rica. Your best bet is probably Monnry in Escazu, depending on your taste and interior design budget. If you are looking for really special rugs, try Laurel’s handmade originals.

Are you ready now to purchase a home in Manuel Antonio or elsewhere in Costa Rica? Then contact the experts, we cover Costa Rica from coast to coast.

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