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The Best Affordable Self-Monitored Home Security Systems You Need to Know

The Best Affordable Self-Monitored Home Security Systems You Need to Know

Are you looking to protect and safeguard your home, yet don’t want a hard-wired system installed? If yes, then lucky you. There are many DIY or self-installed security systems available today.

When you can do it yourself, why have somebody else do it? As a matter of fact, today is a much better time to opt for a DIY security system. These systems are usually more affordable and inexpensive compared to a professional installation, at the same time, offering you the required smart gadgets or equipment to protect your home.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best affordable DIY security systems you need to look out for. Read on to know more!

Night Owl Security System

Security doesn’t come cheap, not unless if were are talking about a Night Owl Security System. The security company has a lot of quality products to offer, ranging from a complete surveillance system to individual cameras.

The common features or qualities of a Night Owl security camera includes dual audio, remote monitoring, 1080p HD resolution cameras, built-in storage, wide-view angle, IR cut filter, night vision, and is waterproof. Read an in-depth review of the Security Baron website to know more about this product.


The company redesigned or remodeled its DIY security system with a much better and a brand-new look, as well as better functionality. Also, it is now equipped with Wifi and cellular connections, guaranteeing that the system or kit will not be delayed or suspended by a power outage.

For larger homes, Knox is an ideal option since it offers more sensors for complete protection. Moreover, Simplisafe’s DIY kit arrives with a separate keypad and a base station, a smoke detector, a siren, two motion sensors, and six door sensors.

You can have all these equipment all in one package. SimpliSafe Security Systems start around $200. What’s more, you can add gadgets such as smart locks, outdoor cameras, and more.

Ring Alarm

In the age of home automation, Ring was among the first companies to break out big, and their versatility and ease of use make them one of the best options available today. At around 200 dollars, you can have a simple five-piece equipment security system that is easy on the eyes and simple to install.

Also, it works or functions seamlessly with Amazon Alexa. So, if you want to have a basic security system in your home that works excellently with the tech that you utilize in your day-to-day life, then the Ring Alarm security system is one of the best options you will find.

Additionally, as your needs change, you can customize the security system because of its modular design.

Canary Monitoring Security Camera

Sure, an excellent DIY security system can be costly, and even though there is a significant advantage to getting comprehensive, intricate setups, more often than not, you only need something basic and straightforward. Fortunately, the Canary Monitoring Security Camera provides just that.

This camera system is readily available for at least 50 dollars. Also, it is an excellent option if you are on the lookout for an apartment door security, baby monitoring, or maybe a way to monitor and oversee a senior family member.

The Canary Monitoring Security Camera can stream camera footage straight to a device that’s video-enabled. Plus, it functions in response to motion or ambient light. If there’s an emergency, the application offers you access to one-touch emergency calling.

Arlo Pro 2

Getting an excellent home security system entails looking for a balance between customization and ease of use. And the monitoring system from Arlo leans more on customization.

The surveillance cameras are in modular design, and compatibility with Arlo Smart, Samsung SmartThing, and IFTTT enable you to get advanced and highly-developed with how they function together.

This includes the capability to set alerts or warning for detecting people, controlling the range of movement, and designate smart zones. What’s more, the lock screen of your smartphone serves as your dashboard.

Additionally, these surveillance cameras work excellently both outdoors and indoors and provide a 300-foot line of sight for more wide-reaching usage.

Nest Secure

Although the company might be well-known for their thermostats, they offer different products that are aimed to work seamlessly with your existing system. Nest’s committed self-monitoring security systems provide almost everything you want in a security system for at least 250 dollars. Nest Secure allows you to build a system that functions and works for you.


Keep your family and home safe with these self-monitored or DIY home security systems. You are behind the curve if you think the phrase home security involves only professional installations and pricey subscription plans. The availability and flexibility of wireless cameras and the amplified connectivity of the contemporary world have made the presumptions of a DIY home security system more effective and more affordable than before.

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Tyler Pack is a content marketer, specializing in technology, lifestyle, home remodeling, and home security topics. When not working, he spends time with his family and friends. The Best Affordable Self-Monitored Home Security Systems You Need to Know

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