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5 Surprising Revelations After Moving Into a New Home

5 Surprising Revelations After Moving Into a New HomeAfter looking around for months and house-hunting day and night, have you finally found your new home? Congratulations! Relocation is a long process, and after looking at so many different houses and apartments, I am sure you found the one you love most. But, you never know how everything will look like once you bring your stuff. A semi or fully furnished home will give a better picture of how your new home will look like with your own stuff in it.

Buyers who are bringing their old furniture, appliances, etc. may go through a cold shower. No matter how much you try to measure everything, some of it might not fit. Having to rearrange everything in a completely new space can cause you a minor headache. Let’s see what the main concerns are and how to handle them.

1.  Don’t Bring Everything

People are very attached to material items. Many of us act like a hoarder without being aware of it. But, as soon as you start packing everything and see how many boxes you have, it will all become much clearer.

A new home means a fresh start, and a perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff you don’t want. Why bring stuff to Costa Rica, and pay import tax on it, if you don’t need it? So start organizing your garage sale ASAP, and get rid of all that stuff.

2. Your Old Furniture Doesn’t Fit

You’re moving to the tropics.  Therefore it is possible your furniture doesn’t fit the new environment. Of course, a new upholstering of the furniture you plan on bringing might be a great idea.

5 Surprising Revelations After Moving Into a New Home
Image by bedrck from Pixabay

It’s also important that we measure construction very differently than you do. In Costa Rica, we measure construction under-roof. We include a carport, a garage, as well as covered terraces. So your actual living space is possibly smaller than what you are used to. Terraces can be used every day throughout the year because we always have great weather.

If you are sending your household in a shipping container, shop for decorative items for your new home before loading your container. In your country, you’ll find more options for colorful and bold accents through decorative items like metal art, paintings, sculptures, shelves, etc. than here.

3. Suddenly You Find Your Old Place Better

Once you have unboxed everything and arranged all the pieces, sometimes it feels like something is not right. This can happen, especially if you have been living in the same place for years. You were used to the layout, atmosphere, and even some small imperfections. It is okay to feel that way.

You moved to Costa Rica for a reason. That’s why it’s important to create everything different in your new home. Get rid of some things that will make too much clutter.

Once you arrive and you get your household container through customs, try to rearrange everything differently. A new home, a new life!

4. You Should Have Painted it First

Of course, you want to paint the new home before your household container arrives. Do not wait for all the boxes and furniture to arrive. Once there is stuff all around, it is going to get so stressful and you will probably postpone it.

5 Surprising Revelations After Moving Into a New Home
Image by Laura Shaw from Pixabay

First, apply that fresh coat of paint to the areas you want. Then start unboxing and decorating. The same goes for all the other home remodeling like floor replacements, changing the lighting, tiles, etc. Do all the messy things first.

5. You Forgot to Change the Address

Surprisingly, a lot of people forget to change their address when moving. They realize that when their monthly subscriptions did not arrive. Do not stress about it too much; it can all be done online. Just do not forget to inform your bank, insurance companies, and other important institutions. Here are 11 things that need attention before you move.

The Bottom Line

Maybe you have moved many times within your own country, but have you moved abroad before? Inform yourself well before you start packing. Talk to your realtor before you make any mistakes. To take an informed decision, think seriously about shipping your household to Costa Rica or not.

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