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Do You Check Your Email Often For Messages From Costa Rica?

Do You Check Your Email Often For Messages From Costa Rica?Once you have decided to become an expat in Costa Rica, you’ll be checking your email often for email messages from Costa Rica.

Moving to Costa Rica and doing your due diligence on buying Costa Rica real estate means nowadays being able to use the internet as well as your email. Email is part of our daily lives and has started to become an obsession for some of us. Do the internet and your dreams of finding a retirement home in a tropical country influence your life?

How do you know if checking your email has gotten out of hand?

You check your inbox for email messages from Costa Rica every time you sit down at the computer.

Some users will check their email inbox every time they sit down in front of their computer. When you do this, you may be putting off other events that you need to concern yourself with.

• There is no new email from Costa Rica since you last checked.

Email should be allowed to pile up two, three, four, or up to beyond five letters at a time. If there are no bold letters announcing new email messages from Costa Rica, then you check your email too often.

• If you are signed up to too many Costa Rica real estate surveys and mailing lists.

Being a member of too many mailing lists or surveys from Costa Rica is a definite sign that you check your email too often. Being signed up for too many hot property lists will take the emphasis away from each individual offer. That is a definite sign that you check your messages from Costa Rica too often.

• Wake up at night and you check your mailbox

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with the irresistible urge to go check your email messages from Costa Rica? Who would be sending you emails in the middle of the night besides Costa Rica real estate agents offering some great deals who are in a different time zone? Go back to sleep!

• Makes you be late for every appointment

Are you constantly late for work, late for appointments, or late for events because of checking your email one more time? If you end up late for your own retirement party, you may end up late catching your flight to Costa Rica.

• If you have access to a computer all day long.

People that have access to their computer all day long may check their email too often. Instead of leaving their email inbox alone for a while, they could check some Costa Rica beach property for sale for a while.

• You talk about email with others too much.

If email messages from Costa Rica are the only thing you talk about with your friends, you will end up with some angry friends. Instead, you could tell them what a great time they can have on their future vacations in Costa Rica, as soon as you have retired there.

• When you start reading junk mail

Do you find yourself actually reading your junk mail from all kinds of services in Costa Rica instead of just deleting it? This is a serious sign that you need help. Get away from the computer now!

• Checking email while on the toilet

Now we’re getting into a seriously disturbing territory. This is taking your morning routine to a whole new level. If you find yourself doing this, it is time for you to seriously move to Costa Rica.

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