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Guidelines on Moving to Costa Rica

Guidelines on Moving to Costa RicaOften, future expats search online for guidelines on moving to Costa Rica. There are many reasons why we feel like moving to a new country, but Costa Rica is one especially interesting destination for many of us. Costa Rica is a unique and beautiful country and rich culture. But moving here does pose some challenges that you need to overcome if you want to succeed:

•    Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous places on earth. But you would need to keep in mind that some locations around the country can be quite expensive. You will need a good and steady income, so make sure you’re properly prepared before the move.

You may want to contact a moving company that deals with international moving and request information on what you can do to get your belongings here.

•    Establishing residency

Establishing residency in Costa Rica can take quite a bit of time, not to mention money, so you will need to consider the ways you can do this. The usual path that avoids residency gives you a normal 90-day long tourist visa, so you can go back to your own country. Or you can leave the country for 72 hours before that period to reset the counter so to speak.

One way is to gain residency is to be married to a Costa Rican citizen, the other is the usual immigration methods. So you would do well to look into this into further detail before or during your stay there.

•    Permanent residence

You would do well to visit the country for a prolonged period of time, getting to know the local culture, habits, people and so forth before you decide to commit to it. This is a serious step that takes a good deal of effort and money. So you would do well to be properly prepared before you move on to something like that. You should avoid treating your visit as a tourist fun trip; instead, try to meet many locals and expats if possible. it’s the best way to get more information about life and business opportunities and other ways you can learn more about living in Costa Rica.

Do keep in mind that even after gaining permanent residence, you will still need to travel back to your home country once in a while. Nostalgia and homesickness are powerful forces, so you will need to deal with them for a long time. Do whatever you can to keep yourself happy in the meantime.

•    Buying real estate

You would do well to find more information on the market, so you will be properly prepared before you move. Wait for some time before you move on to making such a purchase. During that time you can collect as much information as you can before moving to Costa Rica. You can do this through Costa Rica real estate offices or by contacting ones in your home country before moving to Costa Rica.

About the writer: Charlotte Madisson is a blogger and freelance writer from Sheffield, England. Expat herself, she is passionate about home, nature and traveling. Currently, she is writing articles on behalf of Removal Services Movers Ltd. Visit their website for more moving tips and guidelines.

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