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It takes some guts to move to Costa Rica

It takes some guts to move to Costa RicaIn my opinion, it takes some guts to move to Costa Rica. It’s a lot easier now than 32 years ago, when I moved.

John Wieland, real estate broker with his partner Daveed Hollander in Dominical, sent me an article from CNN about a book published by Nadine Hays Pisani: Happier Than a Billionaire.

Interesting story you must read: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica & Living the Zero Hour Work Week.”

Wow, what an adventure

I thought, wow, these people had exactly the same reasons I had to move to Costa Rica. The world hasn’t changed much apparently, at least not the reasons for getting fed up with your job and make the step. I haven’t read Nadine’s book, but I hope she sells lots of copies. Nadine and her husband Rob also have a blog. There, they say things that show what Costa Rica is all about and that doesn’t only mean a 6-hour wait at the doctors.

Nadine and Rob didn’t only have the guts to move to Costa Rica, they also made it work. And believe me, I know lots of people who tried but couldn’t adjust. Mostly because they didn’t want to work at it.

I also have a client who moved to Costa Rica when she was pregnant. By having the baby in Costa Rica, they automatically became legal residents. That was also quite a big step.

Do something different

Some people can do the same job their whole life long, day in day out. Others get fed up with the monotonous lifestyle and want to do something different. I did the same thing myself. When the opportunity was there, I looked at the people around me. Then I said to myself I don’t want to be in their place in 30 years.

I took the same step as Nadine and Rob did when in Costa Rica almost nobody spoke any English. Back then, the bus from Santa Ana took 2 hours to get to San Jose. Santa Ana was then in the middle of nowhere, it’s a booming place now. The road has been long and exciting, fun and an adventure.

An incredible trip in life

Those first few years are incredible, especially if you don’t speak Spanish and you don’t need much to live on.

Until reality hits you: you gotta make a living. So now you have a choice. You can go native and learn how to eat rice and beans. You can live like a middle-class Tico or you are more ambitious. Then you work your butt off and live like an upper-class Tico.

Or you can be lazy, don’t do anything all day but surf the waves, and eat peanut butter sandwiches. Imagine watching the sun go down from your hammock every day, while you drink margaritas or piña coladas.

It takes some guts to move to Costa Rica

Should moving to Costa Rica be in my plans?

Moving to Costa Rica for sure hasn’t always been easy. It takes quite some guts to move to Costa Rica! But its always been fun and lots of adventure. There are good and bad things everywhere. My life has been enriched incredibly by coming here.

What have I gained?

I have:

  • Learned Spanish and became fluent in it,
  • Met thousands of interesting people,
  • Learned there are more different cultures than you can imagine,
  • Have had 5 different businesses,
  • Met the love of my life,
  • Enjoy a more beautiful country than my own every day,
  • Have lots of sunshine (and plenty of rain),
  • Don’t need to clean my driveway from snow,
  • Procreated two great children.
  • and I don’t have to worry about cutting enough wood to keep my fireplace going through the winter.

That is because I think I made a great choice 31 years ago. Others have done the same and went back because they couldn’t adjust (or didn’t want to). Some didn’t learn the language or started missing the grandkids.

You make your own paradise. Costa Rica can also be hell. It takes some guts to move to Costa Rica, yes it does. I invite you to make the step, it’s not easy to do, but it is very satisfying. When you’re ready and you are looking to purchase property, please contact us.

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