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32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

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32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you dieI was able to come up with no less than 32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die. There are probably zillion things you haven’t done in your life yet. Does your life depend on it? Probably not!

Nonetheless, any expat can tell you that traveling in Costa Rica is a wow experience. To make it easier for you, I made a bucket list of 32 experiences that you need to have in Costa Rica before you die. Not because they’re lifesavers but because they will be memories for life. Ask anyone who has visited Costa Rica.

The Washington Post wrote that many North Americans are leaving the country, weary of the political situation in the U.S. and the pandemic. Costa Rica is once again one of the most attractive nations to visit in the Americas. And we welcome you with open arms! Costa Rica is just a bit smaller than the state of West Virginia and it’s amazing there is so much to do on such a small territory as Costa Rica.

Quite a few of those visitors, once they have been to Costa Rica, decide to purchase a vacation home in Costa Rica, invest in a property, or retire in Costa Rica as soon as they are able to sell their own home. Please visit, and see for yourself if Costa Rica is as impressive as most visitors think it is.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

I know lots of people who have been visiting Costa Rica for 40 years, starting out on a surfing trip as a kid. And now they’re coming back. Are you wondering what attracts all those people to come to Costa Rica for their holidays? that’s why I made a bucket list of

32 Experiences before you die

1. Bungee Jumping

Freak out on Bungee Jumping. This is only for the adventurous. Don’t get drunk the night before and don’t have breakfast 15 minutes before you jump. Also, you might want to take life insurance, just in case.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

2. National Parks

Revel in the beauties of 27 national parks and 58 wildlife refuges. In addition 32 protected zones, 15 wetland areas/mangroves, 11 forest reserves, and 8 biological reserves before you die. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to interact with the monkeys. Pick one or 2, don’t try to see all the national parks in a week.

3. Interact with the Locals

Have fun interacting with 4.7 million Costa Ricans, according to the Happy Planet Index  2021 Costa Ricans are the happiest people on the planet. Download happy-planet-index-briefing-paper-2021 now.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

4. Coffee Tour

Find out how coffee grows. In addition, how it is roasted and served at one of the many coffee tours.

5. Turtles

Watch the turtles nest at 7 destinations.

6. San José

Make a historical walk through San José, the capital city of Costa Rica.

7. Monteverde

Visit Monteverde, for great hiking, canopy and discover the cloud forest with over 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, tens of thousands of insect species, and over 2,500 varieties of plants before you die.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

8. Suntan

Walk the empty beaches of Costa Rica, we have nearly 300 of ’em. Use suntan oil before you do. Nonetheless, if you forget, here are some tips on how to treat a sunburn.

9. Play Golf

Play golf on every golf course in Costa Rica before you die. Before you do, check which courses you’re allowed to play without being a member. Nonetheless, if you’re a nice enough person, you might be able to talk your way in.

10. Tortuguero

Tour the Tortuguero Canal and have the opportunity to enjoy wildlife, during September and October many local “guides” will offer tourists the opportunity to “help” turtle nests hatch.

11. Volunteering

Volunteer for a wide range of projects in Costa Rica such as Eco-Agriculture Conservation, and Teaching English. In addition, you can try Turtle Conservation, Special Needs Care, and quite a few others.

12. Waterfalls

Check out the La Paz waterfalls or any others. If you like it, purchase a waterfall property in Costa Rica.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

13. Volcanoes

Make a pit stop at any of the 6 active volcanoes like the Arenal volcano, the Irazu Volcano, or the Poas volcano if you like hiking. Nonetheless, you want to check if they’re open to the public before you make the drive.

14. Nightlife

Live it up in the nightlife of San Jose (don’t do anything stupid). In other words, also use your brain.

15. Whale Watching

Get a kick out of watching the whales in Dominical.

16. Scuba Diving

Go scuba diving and also snorkeling in the Pacific or the Caribbean.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

17. Retirement Property

Look for and then purchase a retirement property in Costa Rica.

18. Museums

Explore the Gold Museum, and the National Museum, in addition to 35 other museums in Costa Rica.

19. Fishing

Try the incredible fishing in Costa Rica’s coastal waters. After that, you can get a chef to cook your catch for you.

20. Surf

Have a ball or be radical at the best surf spots in Costa Rica. After that, you can try windsurfing on Lake Arenal.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

21. Crocodiles

Feed the crocodiles at the Tarcoles bridge near Jaco Beach. After that, and if you like the adventure, you should try the Tarcoles River Crocodile Safari tour.

22. National Theater

Pay a visit to Central America’s grandest theater, the National Theater in San José, an imitation of the Paris Opera, built with money raised by a tax on coffee exports.

23. Rafting

For the daredevils, white water rafting is a must, although there are some easy rivers for beginners. Try the Pacuare, Balsa, Sarapiqui, Saveegre, Pejibaye, Naranjo and Tenorio rivers.

24. Theater

Catch a play at the Little Theater Group Costa Rica before you die. There are many more theater and concert options if your Spanish is good enough.

25. Barra del Colorado

Go fishing and also hiking in Barra del Colorado in the Limon province. When you do, check out my friend Dan Wise’s Rio Colorado Lodge.32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

26. Adventure

Go crazy on other adventures like hiking, horseback riding, and rappelling, in addition to climbing, ATV tours, mountain biking, or bouldering. However, you might want to get travel insurance before you do.

27. Gamble

Gamble at the casinos of Costa Rica, you will find them in most large hotels. Try, for instance, the casino at the Sheraton in Escazu. So afterward, you can enjoy any of the fine restaurants in the area.

28. Soccer

Watch a soccer game at the famous National Stadium, built by the Chinese Government.

29. Rollerskate

Visit the Music roller skate rinksalon de patines – in San Pedro. For instance, disco retro ’70s, and ’80s might be fun for you to do when you’re in San Jose.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

30. Birding

Observe over 890 bird species recorded in a thousand different places all over Costa Rica. In other words, birdwatching is one of the most favorite things to do among residents and visitors.

31. Lake Arenal

Tour Lake Arenal and also enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, and the view of the Arenal volcano.

32 Experiences you need to have in Costa Rica before you die

32. Have a piña colada to die for

Now you’ve done so much hard work, it’s time for that incredible piña colada. Cheers!

Experience a few of those awesome things to do that we have on this bucket list before you die. If the 32 options are not enough, check more fun and adventurous things to do. I’m sure you’ll be ready to purchase a vacation home or retirement home in Costa Rica. We would appreciate your business of course.

Now that you really traveled to Costa Rica from coast to coast, have you decided to move here? We are the only MLS with affiliate partners from coast to coast, so I am pretty sure that we can assist you to purchase that property in paradise that you are looking for. Contact us now.

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