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Yoga in Escazu by Janine Fafard

Yoga in Escazu by Janine FafardJanine’s TURYA Yoga in Escazu offers workshops and yogic journeys are accessible to all people and easily adapted to special groups, organizations, and conventions. Different classes, workshops, and journeys by Janine Fafard.

These workshops are offered in different formats, from a 2-hour session to a full day retreat.

The yogic journeys through Costa Rica range from 2-days to a full week. Janine’s meditation/yoga room is set up to provide a space for a short yoga break or private quiet time in the midst of your busy conference schedule.

Behind the structure and the content of each of these services is one single purpose: the UNION of your body/mind and soul to help you reconnect with your INNER PEACE & JOY! Janine Fafard offers simple tools to free you from the yoke of your fears and trapped emotions and awaken your inner guru. All workshops and journeys can be requested in English, Spanish and French.

The American European Real Estate Group offers you more information on the classes and workshops of Yoga in Escazu that Janine Fafard has to offer below.


First of all, TURYA YOGA  is much more than just physical exercise, it is a transformational practice which integrates body, mind, and spirit. Body & Breath awareness combined with Inner Focus & Concentration leads to Absorption: the 3-stage approach of Kripalu. You are guided to move at your own pace, to honor your body’s needs and to listen to your body’s wisdom by getting in touch with your inner teacher. A definite emphasis is put on coordinating your breathing with all your movements. Gentle stretches, classic yoga postures, deep relaxation practices, mantras, and meditation techniques nudge your attention on inner sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Energy blockages free themselves and long-held tensions dissolve.

As a result, the multiple benefits of a TURYA YOGA class are:

  • Body: Stretch & tone muscles, release chronic tension, improve circulation, energizes and refresh
  • Mind: Calm restless thoughts, cultivate concentration, support mental clarity and confidence, promote self-awareness
  • Spirit: Encourage self-acceptance, honor inner wisdom, invite deep stillness, connect you to your Soul

DURATION: 90 minutes

CLASSES: Yoga Nidra for Inner Peace

Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of meditation, a non-mental experience easy to learn and to practice. It is an exceptional fountain of youth often called “yogic sleep” though you remain aware and alert all through.

Leading you gently into a receptive relaxation state, you awaken your deepest intelligence to access higher levels of consciousness. In that peaceful twilight zone, you reconnect with an unlimited source of wisdom which provides the exact solution to various issues and problems you face in your daily life.

By witnessing and not resisting, you uncover core negative beliefs and habit patterns so you can discover the truth within. While deeply relaxing your body and mind, this practice allows you to resolve personal and interpersonal problems. It is an amazing tool to release and even eliminate chronic stress by giving you a deep sense of wholeness and security. It harmonizes your actions, thoughts, and deeds with the people around you and with life in general. This is a real gift of inner peace. It teaches you how to live in the Now It is pure Self-love in action!

Benefits: Deep relaxation for body/mind; problem resolution; a deep sense of wholeness and safety; and learning how to live in the present.

DURATION: 90 minutes

Janine and her Yoga group in Escazu


Time to exercise your soul’s muscles & listen to your soul messages! Every problem, difficulty, issue of health, money or relationship comes from a degree of disconnection with your soul essence. This state of un-ease within your soul leads to a misuse of energy, the source of your dis-ease. There is a place within your own consciousness in which you have denied the flow of love to enter – it results in a place in your body where the flow of energy is also denied. Soul Surrender is a simple and swift dive into your cellular memory to search & pull out the root cause of your problems. Allowing your soul to speak to you has the effect to reestablish new coherent energy pathways, the new level of resonance within your cells and a higher level of harmony within your whole BEING.

Your soul is in no need of healing or salvation but re-connecting with your soul releases all healing powers within you. Combined with EFT (see EFT Workshop), it provides fast breakthroughs in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Soul Surrender goes beyond regression or hypnosis and creates a leap in consciousness which immediately infuses more peace and more happiness within yourself. Your Soul can cure all ills!

DURATION: 60 minutes to 3 hours. Please call to schedule an appointment for a private session with Janine.

CLASSES: Yoga-Meditation Room

Anyone sitting through long hours of air travel, lectures, panels, and meals may quickly feel out-of-balance * Tension accumulates * Energy level drops “The mind gets overloaded”.

Yoga is the oriental approach to stress management being a scientific, time-tested 6,000-year old system of self-improvement. Using gentle stretches, breathing techniques, yoga postures, deep relaxation and meditation, yoga improves one’s health from the inside out! Restorative yoga experiences are powerful tools to reduce physical and psychological stress and to bring a deep sense of well-being.

A Yoga-Meditation room is an oasis of peace in the whirlwind pace of a conference. It is a rejuvenating/healing space where your guests may relax and recharge one’s own battery and refresh one’s mind! Imagine a simple, quiet, empty room turned into a temporary peaceful sanctuary: soft music and lighting in the background; comfortable mats and cushions on the floor; whiffs of soothing natural scents swirling around.

Yoga-meditation can easily be practiced and enjoyed by everyone, young and old, strong and weak, healthy or unhealthy. The room will be set up and open early morning to late afternoon with a brief yoga session (15-20 min) at each coffee break and a longer session (45 to 75 min) at lunchtime and before supper or according to your client’s needs.


  • Highly certified and experienced yoga-meditation instructor
  • All equipment for room set up: music, mats, cushions, eye pillows, lighting, aromatherapy

WORKSHOP: Yoga of Self-Love:

In this gentle inter-active workshop, you learn to move within your own sacred space; to quiet your mind; free up your heart; to receive guidance and unleash unlimited healing power. Self-Love is the greatest healer of all!

The recipe to live without fear but with full trust in the power of love is finding your heart. Learn to establish a never-ending love affair with yourself…a connection with your own inner divinity. In this lively experiential workshop, you blend simple breathing techniques, smooth yogic postures, gentle energy medicine exercises, short mantras, deep relaxation, and chakra tune-up which lead you to channel your own divine guidance. By Going Home – by Being Home, you create more kindness, patience, and compassion towards yourself and towards others.

Join Janine in creating a breathing space, a feeling space, a living space…Spaces to remember that you are enough – exactly as you are. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will definitely lift you up to a new level!

Duration: 4 hours

WORKSHOP: Switch-Off-Stress

You just moved from a hard-working life back home to your retirement in Costa Rica. You just received your furniture and your car from customs and you need to switch off all the stress accumulated. Learn to weed out the root cause of your stress! Learn to move from distress to de-stress and tap into your creative power!

Experiences of health or sickness, happiness or despair, abundance or poverty, stress or peacefulness are first created in the mind. Only an internal change can provide a permanent solution to your stress level. You must first calm your mind, calm your thought-waves. This practical workshop will provide a clear understanding of the real source of your stress and will give you super simple, but powerful, tools to switch-off the restlessness of your mind. Immediate results will be felt. You will learn how to BE PRESENT to whatever is happening in your life – without resisting anything – and how to BE in the NOW and BE happy!

Join Janine in learning and experimenting with the most effective stress management practice. Delight yourself in discovering a life-saving device you can use anywhere, at any time. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will definitely heighten your level of inner peace!

Duration: 2 to 4 hours depending on your needs.

Yoga of self love in Costa Rica

WORKSHOP: Energy Body System

Energy is LIFE itself! All ancient traditions have described the energy body system in their own terms, some in a very esoteric way, some in a very practical way. The Chakra system is the most comprehensive and well studied of them all. This proven roadmap to your life journey helps you establish a conscious connection with these power centers called “spinning wheels of your soul”.

In this enlivening workshop, you will: Connect, feel, balance and energize the 7 wheels of your life-force. Heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Furthermore, allow yourself to gain power and open the doorways to your soul. Know that your relationship with these centers is at the core of your health. Remember and re-create Who You Are. Activate your Kundalini-Shakti energy. Surrender to the experience of BEING.

Join Janine for a learning experience in raising your vibration to a new frequency and unleashing your vital healing powers through the use of gentle but powerful grounded exercises. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will lighten up your energy channels and your life!

DURATION: 4 to 7 hours depending on your needs. An 8-week series of 2 hours each week is also offered to small groups.

WORKSHOP: Discover EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a gentle but effective healing & energy balancing technique which can easily be learned by everybody. Science is proving more and more that unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains & diseases.

EFT assumes that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. Focused thought, combined with gentle fingertip tapping of key acupuncture points, clears energy block along the body’s meridians and quickly realigns them.

Tapping while concentrating on physical symptoms or past traumas can also dissolve emotional issues at a deep enough level that a physiological shift occurs & physical healing results. Encouraging case reports from thousands of people all over the world – may it be about a painful sprain, a migraine, a phobia, an allergy, a chronic condition or also any other illness keep pouring in. Furthermore, properly applied, EFT has often shown complete removal of symptoms or immediate immense improvement.

Learn how to use EFT on unresolved emotional issues, physical diseases, psychological dysfunctions or personal performance limits.

Because this workshop is for everyone, also you can discover your unlimited inner healing potential and activate it! Specialized workshops on Allergies, Fears & Phobias, Addictions, Weight problems, Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence, etc. are also available upon request.

DURATION: 3 to 6-hours depending on the workshop.

General info for Yoga in Escazu

PRICING: For pricing, email Janine at

Janine on the beach in Costa Rica

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