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Learn more about the Caribbean beach real estate testimonials from our clients:

Caribbean beach real estate testimonialsOn this page, you will find Caribbean Beach real estate testimonials from our buyers and sellers. Our affiliate partner Manuel Pinto, who works the Costa Rica Caribbean beach areas of Manzanillo, Uvita and Cahuita Beach, has accumulated lots of great Caribbean Beach real estate testimonials. Both sellers and buyers, expressed their satisfaction about the real estate services rendered by Manuel and his team.100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

For any questions about Caribbean beach real estate for sale, feel free to contact Manuel.

Caribbean Beach real estate testimonials

Most facets of legal situations and implications were explained in a very clear way

For many people Caribbean beach real estate brokers have the same image as second hand car dealers; their only goal is to sell as quickly as possible. Therefore, they will not reveal the whole story. They will certainly not tell you the negative aspects of whatever they are trying to sell you.

I have had contact with realtors inside and outside Costa Rica and would not easily trust any of them. My wife and I bought a property in Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica through Manuel’s company I came to the conclusion that we had found a broker who is an exception to what I think is the rule.


I was impressed in several ways:

  1. We were shown plenty of properties without getting the feeling that we were taking too much time and in fact were told that we should take our time and not rush into making a decision. Their words: “Listening to your reaction to different properties makes it easier for us to get a more exact feeling of what you are looking for and thus enabling us to help you find the right property”.
  2. All my e-mails were attended to without delay and with extensive information.
  3. Most facets of legal situations and implications were explained in a very clear way and possible difficulties and dangers were pointed out.
  4. Once we had decided on a property and were, from then on, dealing with Manuel Pinto, is where the real difference was made for me.
  5. Manuel Pinto was not just selling property for the seller but acted as a responsible intermediate for buyer and seller. He was very straightforward and fair in his advice and in finding the middle road between two parties.
  6. The buying contract was clear and correct. At the time of signing at the lawyer’s office Manuel showed his expert legal knowledge when correcting “our” lawyer on certain elements in the contract and explaining to us what we were signing.
  7. We still experience a service orientated attitude from him and his staff and we always feel welcome to come and ask for advice.


Manuel Pinto’s philosophy is to my opinion the only correct. It is certainly the smartest one: treat clients well and fair and you will create loyal customers and build a good and solid reputation.

His reputation in this area of Costa Rica is indeed a very good one. I can and will recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell Caribbean beach real estate.”

Tom Keller, Finca Chica. Puerto Viejo, Cocles

Caribbean beach real estate testimonials
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It has been a pleasure to work with you

“From the moment I met Manuel (and his team) there were two things immediately apparent — he loves what he does and the place he does it. I’d like to give Caribbean Beach real estate testimonials publicly.

Couple that infectious enthusiasm with a savvy listener and knowledgeable professional who knows that his next customer could be his next neighbor, and you are already halfway to your goal.

For us, Manuel went way above and beyond what you might expect from say a US real-estate agent. Manuel provided guidance, advice and expert referrals at every stage of the process. He wasn’t done until the deal was done and the papers filed. Then we were able to finally celebrate the achievement of buying Caribbean beach real estate and building in Costa Rica. An achievement for which I’ll never forgive him!”

Caribe Sur

Whoever is looking at buying on the Caribbean side, that it has been my pleasure to work with Caribe Sur.  I started buying properties in 2006. Manuel and his staff are extremely professional. Especially compared to so much of what else is out there in terms of realtors or would be agencies in Costa Rica.

They helped me get great deals when I was buying and managed to procure sellers in a time when it was no longer easy to do that.   The few properties I dealt with independently, ie purchase or sale, I would have been much better off if I had had them to help me.

They also help make the closing much more professional as well.  Their initial contact is many times better than what was used when I was trying to buy something in Jaco.  In fact I lost a purchase (back when things were more active) because the agent wrote up something that was completely non binding and found out even the initial contract needed to be by a lawyer.  With Caribe Sur the contract they use for initial purchase is official just as it is in the US.

Disbursement sheet

In addition now they have added working up a disbursement sheet that is like the Costa Rica version of a HUD statement. There, you get to see where the monies are being distributed to. In past closings, it was the attorney whose job it is to act as closing agent. But they have given me a poor excuse for a list, which was done at or after closing.  Or would be as basic as a few things typed into an e-mail, with out much detail of the entries.   I could not believe it.

But now this American European MLS affiliate gives you a proper pre-dispursement page so you can verify that it is all accurate.


I will also say the lawyers that they have referred me to. They are not perfect (some are slow to respond, or have other Costa Rican traits,) they are HONEST and that is the most important feature. When you hire Caribe Sur to overlook some things, to make sure certain bills are paid etc,  they get the job done right.

So yes, you would be in excellent hands with Caribe Sur and I can definitely give Manuel and his team the best of Caribbean Beach real estate testimonials possible.

Geoff Lucas, San Francisco. USA

Caribbean beach real estate testimonials
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You have taken excellent care of us!

Dear Mannie

I want to thank you for the invaluable services you have provided to us over the years. Your Caribbean beach real estate and property management services have made it fairly simple to buy and rent property in Costa Rica; you have taken excellent care of us.
Thanks so much
Joy Freeman   

Working with you was the best thing we ever did

Dear Mannie

Working with your office to buy and manage our Caribbean beach properties was the best thing we ever did. You handled all of our transactions and rentals efficiently and smoothly. I am recommending your Caribbean beach real estate services to all my friends. Thanks so much for being the best Real Estate Agency in Costa Rica!

Joan Hangarter, D.C., M.S.
founder The Miracle Makers Club
Make Your Life A Miracle!

We certainly hope that the above Caribbean Beach real estate testimonials will give you the confidence to contact us for your Caribbean beach property purchases.

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