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Read all about the Dominical beach real estate testimonials and customer reviews that we have to show for. For Dominical beach real estate and South Pacific property purchases you should contact our affiliate partner down south, Daveed Hollander, who shows us below some tremendous Dominical beach real estate testimonials. For South Pacific beach property and Dominical real estate you can contact Daveed at any time. 

100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

Daveed has a genuine interest

Daveed has a genuine interest in making sure that the projects he works on contribute in a positive way to this community 

I have been to Costa Rica many times over the last ten years. Like many others I enjoy spending time in this country. Several years ago I decided to consider investing in Costa Rica real estate. After doing some researchDominicalseemed to have the potential to work for me. After some additional research I contactedDaveed Hollander. There are many things I like about Daveed. With respect to investing in the area around Dominical: First and foremost, he lives and makes his home there with his wife and son.

Super view from Southern Pacific home for sale

Not only is he aware of everything happening in the area, he has a genuine interest in making sure that the projects he works on contribute in a positive way to this community. Second, he speaks fluent Spanish and has a wonderful relationship with the Costa Ricans. This is invaluable when consideringinvesting in Dominical beach real estate (especially in a foreign country). He has a tremendous level of sophistication in Dominical beach real estate investments and a large network of resources and contacts. 

He is a very honest, straight forward individual and I consider him my friend. Daveed has been a tremendous asset to me in this endeavor and I would not consider getting involved in a project in Costa Rica (or Panama) with out his help.  

David Rehak, Columbus, GA  USA

Daveed went above and beyond in negotiating

Last August we spent 9 days in the South Pacific area looking at Dominical beach real estate with Daveed Hollander.   It was a long and exciting week.

When we first met with Daveed we were not 100% sure what we were looking for .  By showing us a broad range ofDominical homes for sales we soon had a better idea of what characteristics were important to us (i.e. ocean view, jungle, privacy…).  Daveed’s knowledge of the area also helped us determine what area was a good fit for us. Although we were far from being “big spenders” he spent the entire week with us which we very much appreciated. South Pacific real estate broker Daveed Hollander

Daveed also took the time to talk to us on the phone and first sent usDominical property building lot listingsprior to our arrival.  He went above and beyond in negotiating and made sure we were able to purchase the lot we choose. He made the purchasing process very painless and was with us every step of the way. 

I would not hesitate to recommend him or anyone on his team. We are excited about our purchase and are looking forward to our new adventure.

Christine and Brett McIntire, San Rafael, CA. USA

Daveed guided us caringly to the best opportunity in our price range

My wife Diana and I and our young son Bill met Daveed in Costa Rica after I had completed a thorough research on Costa Rica property opportunities on the internet.  Daveed’s command of technology was unparalleled for the area.  The unique area he lives in (Dominical), in the southern zone – is where mountain area meets beaches.  The Dominical beach real estate had a somewhat “undiscovered feel” to it because of a 1 hour bumpy dirt road drive from Quepos that made the area feel inaccessible.  With the planned paving of this road I felt we had the trappings of a good opportunity toinvest in land in Dominicalwith the intention to retire there one day.   

Daveed guided us caringly to the best opportunity in our price range. He was not pushy. The lot we bought cost twice what we had planned for but it was gorgeous and has a devastatingly beautiful view of the ocean from a very high up perch.  Daveed made sure to remind us that we did not plan to spend this much and showed us lots that were in our original price range before we decided to close.  Our experience with Daveed exceeded my wildest imagination.

Dominical ocean view property for sale

He was the 4rth realtor that I had dealt with.  I honestly found the quality of realtor in Costa Rica not to my liking. Daveed on the other hand impressed me immensely.  He comes from a family of realtors and it is evident.  His integrity and efficiency exceeded anything I had previously experienced in my interactions with realtors buying and selling properties in Canada. The close process can be a bit scary for someone who has purchased real estate in Europe the US, or Canada.

Daveed was patient and caring in his efforts to build our trust and introduce us to competent English speaking professionals who guided us through the process from start to finish.  Daveed has provided us with fantastic after sales services and has gone out of the way to make us feel comfortable about owning our beautiful lot that is so far away.  As an aside, we had the pleasure to meet Daveed’s lovely Costa Rican wife Vanessa and adorable son at his home.  We are as excited about eventually being neighbors of this lovely family as we are about our plans tomove to Costa Rica.

Peter and Diana Franzone, Toronto, Canada

They’ve been a tremendous help afterwards

I first met Daveed a few years ago and ended up buying my firstCosta Rica propertyin the hills overlooking Dominical.  I tend to be rather cautious and detail oriented, but after getting familiar with the process, have since bought and sold a number of properties up and down the southern zone….all with Daveed and the help of the rest of the crew at the Dominical office.  These folks know the business down there, and can present it in a clear and professional manner.  

Whether its negotiating legal issues, or taking care of theDominicalbeach real estate, they have the knowledge and contacts for getting it handled.  It’s not just about the sale either, they’ve been a tremendous help afterwards, which was important for me living up in the States.  Being involved in Dominical beach real estate has been fun, at times challenging, but in the end very rewarding….both personally and financially.  I highly recommend the area, and these folks to help you access it.

Sam Gowey

We would not hesitate to recommend him

We would not hesitate to recommend Daveed to anyone looking for a first-class realtor in Costa Rica’s Southern zone

We were one of Daveed’s first clients over 10 years ago. He provided us with a great opportunity to purchase Dominical beach real estate. He helped us through the transaction and has been a close friend ever since. As time passed we decided to build a house in theDominical areaand wanted Daveed to list it for us. He has been there to aid us with anything we have requested of him including helpful contacts, honest feedback and important insight into the real estate market of Costa Rica.

We have been so happy with Daveed’s professional knowledge and skills that we are looking forward to joining him on a new joint-project. Daveed’s friendly, honest and professional approach to business has made him our go-to man in the area and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a first-class realtor in Costa Rica’s Southern zone.

Ross and Jesse Garrison

 Dominical Luxury homes for sale


I think we were actually his first clients, yet he was very professional.  

In 2000 my partner and I met Daveed Hollander by spontaneously walking into his new office.  He was extremely warm and friendly and full of information.  While we explained our small whim to look atDominical beach real estate, he was very patient and eager to show us what was possible with our budget.  Well we were so impressed by the region, we decided to purchase one.  Daveed walked us through the entire process.  I think we were actually his first clients, yet he was very professional.  

That was years ago and we nowlive in Costa Rica.  Over time, Daveed has not only been extremely present as a “go to” resource, but he and his family have become our very good friends.  Looking at Daveed and my children playing together, I think we must have had a good instinct walking into Daveed’s office that day.  Who knew back then how much Daveed would help steer our lives to where we are now?

Jillian Wieseneck, Playa Dominicalito

He’s provided up-to-date information regarding the legal requirements of purchasing property in Costa Rica

Hi there, regarding a reference for Daveed Hollander – see below. We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, and while touring around Costa Rica several years ago we stopped inDominicaland fell in love with the area, and decided to check out some realtors. We’d met with at least 3 realtors before we encountered Daveed and needless to say we decide to work with him. We are more than happy to be a reference for Daveed and add that he made our journey of purchasing Dominical beach real estate seamlessly smooth.

Apart from advising and showing us many, many properties, he’s provided up-to-date information regarding the legal requirements of purchasing property in Costa Rica, a list of reputable lawyers & architects for us to work with, facilitated and supported road, electricity and water development and improvements on our behalf, all of which would been very challenging without his knowledge and assistance. In addition to that we find him to be a very friendly and honest person and would not hesitate in recommending him to others.

Christine & Rupert Downing

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