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Escazu real estate testimonials
Avenida Escazu property for sale

Our Escazu affiliate real estate agent in Costa Rica, Ivo Henfling has received many Escazu real estate testimonials and customer reviews from buyers and sellers of homes in Escazu that show expertise and knowledge of the area Ivo works in.

You can contact Ivo Henfling for any questions or assistance on purchasing Escazu real estate. 100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

I ignored a basic rule

After finding the right condominium in Escazu with the aid of Ivo Henfling, I ignored a basic rule: always be present yourself during a refurbishment. Right after closing I had to go back to Europe for a couple of months. Pre-sales included title search, checking bylaws, making sure that all municipal taxes were paid (not only this years but all municipal taxes of the past) and a lot more. It all made closing a relaxed affair.

After-sales Ivo helped with utility bills and whatever one would expect from a professional realtor. But the service did not stop there. The condo for sure needed some improvements. Ivo recommended a contractor who could do the job while I was absent. Normally a lead in for disaster. New interior painting, some electrical adjustments and new floor ended up in a full scale refurbishment. Ivo supervised the job as part of what he thinks one may expect from a realtor who takes his job seriously.

Long story short: after 3 months when I came back I found a complete refurbished condo. In fact it can compete with any new built condos in Escazu. Ivo kept me informed during the process, making sound suggestions, sending pic’s and films so I could follow the various stages. All work done within the scheduled time frame and budget. Sometimes ignoring a basic rule works. Thanks Ivo, a job well done!

Justus Kramer

Ivo exhibited compassion and understanding

Ivo Henfling is not only amazing, but also brilliant, knowledgeable, a marvelous support and effective communicator!  You will be well taken care of with Ivo as your real Estate agent. We came to Ivo asking for assistance to sell a property that we had purchased using a very unprofessional unregulated real estate agent.

The property was mired in red tape and complicated with quasi legal actions. Ivo not only readily accepted the challenge, but drilled down through the tangle of legal issues, using his exceptional skills to clear the title and allow the land in Escazu to be put up for sale. Ivo then acted on our behalf to advertise and sell the property ensuring that we understood every step of the process and communicating frequently with us. Every email inquiry sent was answered within 24 hours regardless!

Ivo exhibited compassion and understanding with his dealings with us and we highly recommend him as a most ethical, honest and highly skilled realtor who thoroughly understands the Costa Rican market.

We welcome any inquiries from persons seeking to utilize the services of this very dynamic and effective realtor, Ivo Henfling. Feel free to ask us for Escazu real estate testimonials at any time.

Marlene Irwin (
Edward Underwood (

Marlene Irwin and Edward Underwood from Nova Scotia

Still if I have a question I can call Ivo’s office

Escazu real estate testimonials
Escazu real estate broker Ivo Henfling

I couldn’t have asked for a better or more prepared agent. We have bought and sold over 20 properties with various agents and hands down this was the best!!!

Ivo Henfling, the affiliate realtor for Escazu and Santa Ana facilitated the entire process from purchase to loans to closing on our Escazu commercial real estate.

They even made sure our taxes were paid for the first year so that we wouldn’thave to worry about where to go and who to pay!

Ivo is the only realtor I know who continues post sales help– for us it has been two years and still if I have a question I can call Ivo’s office and they are prompt and friendly with help.

Irene and Bob Kraas, from Houston, Texas

My agent’s ability to “zero-in” on the right properties

Ivo Henfling’s services were the FIRST factor in my decision to move to Costa Rica and purchase Escazu real estate.   The other factors were the favorable year-round weather, the cost of Costa Rica real estate compared to the States, and the less-hectic lifestyle of the people of Costa Rica.

My agent’s ability to “zero-in” on the right properties to check out and his knowledge of Escazu property values made the real estate experience very enjoyable.  My agent, by asking the correct questions up front, narrowed the number of properties to look at.  He correctly understood that condos were those units that I wanted to see most.

Since this was the first property that I have bought in my life, my only experiences with purchases were “horror stories” that I got from friends when they bought property.  The purchase was handled very efficiently by Ivo’s real estate office in coordination with a very good lawyer.  There were no last minute changes. He was very helpful in providing answers to any questions I had and also were instrumental in getting a qualified “inspector” to check out the Escazu property for any flaws in construction.

Ivo and his staff did everything that I would expect from a quality real estate company.  Things outside the realtor’s ability to control, like delays by the condo developer in completing the unit, were unfortunate but beyond the control of ANY real estate agent.

I certainly hope that this Escazu real estate testimonials will help any future property buyer to bring Ivo more business. He deserves it!

Gerry Neville from Chicago, Illinois

Escazu real estate testimonials
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Ivo was the middle man between all here in Costa Rica

When I contacted Ivo Henfling, the affiliate realtor for the Escazu area, we talked about the areas I was interested in, we met & he took me around to various Escazu properties & locations. He had great knowledge of picking out places that was in my money range & what I was looking for. The Team structure that I put together, bank in the states, local lawyer & Ivo, it went together fairly well, even the fact that I was working in Aruba at the time, but Ivo was the middle man between all here in Costa Rica which he handled very well.

When buying a house there will always be the nature of things that you might need help in such as plumbing, electrical, appliance repairs, etc, when this type would arise I called upon Ivo for a person or company he might suggest & I have gotten good results, which makes things much easier to deal with.

Craig and Sonia Moody from Long Beach California

Ivo has maintained excellent communications with us over the years

Ivo  was outstanding!  He took us around to many different locations. He was very knowledgeable about the market and all the available properties.  We finally settled on a Escazu home for sale that Ivo had shown us. After we decided on the property, Ivo worked very hard to help us negotiate the agreement with the sellers.

Because we were in a competitive situation, with multiple offers, our experience was somewhat hectic. However, Ivo kept us on tract. We finally obtained our Escazu real estate thanks to Ivo’s hard work negotiating with the seller on our behalf. It was not an easy situation.


Also, I recall being at the closing with the sellers, our attorney, and our realtor, Ivo.  It was a complicated settlement. We were not residents then and we had to create a corporation in which to place this property we had just purchased. I remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the way it was being handled.

Ivo was very assertive, on our behalf, ensuring that we were legally protected even at the risk of alienating the sellers, and our attorney, in the process. He did what was right and he gained a client for life! His actions were much appreciated. Ivo, you certainly deserve, and earned, all the praise.  We couldn’t have done it successfully without your help.

I didn’t even mention the time you went to Hertz by the airport to pickup keys I left there for Ginny.  You’ve been a great Realtor and a good friend over the past four years and we appreciate you.


Ivo has maintained excellent communications with us over the years.  As a result, we purchased a second property from him, an Escazu condo as an investment.  Again, Ivo handled the all transaction details and we closed successfully.  I would recommend Ivo to anyone who is seriously thinking about purchasing property in Costa Rica.

Remarkable qualities

One of Ivo’s most remarkable qualities is his excellent follow up.  He keeps you informed daily via the internet and by phone as he works with you to find the right Costa Rica real estate. You can trust Ivo completely and count on him to smooth the way.  I am happy to recommend Ivo and give any Escazu real estate testimonials that can show you the way.  I am confident that he will assist you in achieving all your real estate goals – and – you’ll be very happy with his outstanding service.

Doug and Ginny Wells from Charlottesville, Virginia

Escazu real estate testimonials
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I have had more problems buying in the U.S. and it was all in English

My realty agent, Ivo Henfling, responded promptly to my emails, personally checked out properties that I located online. This kind of service and promptness is very important when you are making life changing decisions. Ivo was a pro about Costa Rica. He drove me around the area I was interested in and pointed out different sites, where the embassies were located and thoroughly explained the financial ramifications of moving to and buying Escazu real estate.

The transaction went very smoothly as Ivo, who understood all the ins and outs of the housing market here walked me through my purchase. The language was no barrier and he definitely knew the ropes here. I have had more problems buying in the U.S. and it was all in English. When the agent knows what he is doing, things go smoothly and they did for me.

Ivo helped me many times after the purchase with personal things that I needed to know, and even stayed with me until I purchased my first car in C.R. To this day, I frequently ask him questions and he always gets right back to me. It has been almost four years since the purchase and he still assists me. Now that’s service.

This agent should be teaching real estate courses here in C.R. A segment of the course could be how to succeed by providing excellent service to our clients. Any Escazu real estate testimonials needed, Ivo is the man to contact.

Win Canavan from San Jose, California

Ivo made it as easy as it could be

Ivo’s services were absolutely an important factor in our decision of moving to Costa Rica. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Ivo Henfling of Easy Properties Costa Rica who has expert knowledge of the Costa Rican real estate market. Ivo made it as easy as it could be. He has been an ongoing guide for us even after our move to CR.  We are more than satisfied! We bought a condo in Escazu and a farm in Dota from Ivo and he has been able to re-sell our farm again.

The only way it could’ve been easier is if he had written the purchase check.

Sherrie & Scot Robinson from Fort Worth, Texas

Escazu real estate testimonials
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I had nightmares with other realtors, but with him he was a man of his word

Our AE realtor, Ivo Henfling, has helped us with every detail. Ivo was amazing. He even showed us around the town to let us know where to get supplies and etc. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. In any event, I will always suggest using him as a realtor. I had nightmares with other realtors, but with him he was a man of his word and knew what he was doing.

Kristi Browning and Gary Baker from Bradenton, Florida

Ivo was a no-nonsense guy right from the beginning

The information and insight provided by Ivo Henfling, your affiliate realtor, were instrumental in our business decisions. We were pleased to have them as a resource even before we started to look at specific properties. Ivo was a no-nonsense guy right from the beginning.

We liked the resources Ivo and his staff brought to the table. They clearly knew about what was happening in the market. A number of factors beyond just selling land in Costa Rica were addressed. They continue to be a valued business partner. They made sure there were no loose ends to deal with later. It took over a year with many attorneys involved. They all recognized the real estate expertise.

Repeat business says it all. We are looking at additional property with Ivo Henfling and would love to send anyone Escazu real estate testimonials needed at any time.

Ardon and Barbara Schambers from Michigan

Ivo was very personable, very frank, and very patient with us

My wife and I were very satisfied with the professional services provided by Ivo Henfling of Go Dutch Realty. His detailed knowledge of the Costa Rican property market was very helpful to us selecting the right neighborhood and house for our family. Ivo was very personable, very frank, and very patient with us. We would highly recommend Ivo as a reputable real estate professional to other North Americans relocating to Costa Rica.

Allen and Fresia Tracey from Kelvin, Ontario Canada.

Ivo followed up and did everything he said he would

We have lived in CR for 5 years before meeting Ivo @ AE Costa Rica and had experienced many so called Realtors. Ivo is not looking for just a quick sale but a good sale to look for a future sale by looking out for his client. His knowledge of what I was looking for was outstanding, but more important his knowledge of local zoning and proposed developments can save you from a nightmare of trouble later. Ivo knows what he is doing as will show on any of the Escazu real estate testimonials on this page, we can confirm this in person.

My wife & I buy a lot of Costa Rica real estate & our closing was very smooth. Ivo followed up and did everything he said he would. We consider Ivo our friend & stay in contact.

Matthew and Debbie Rice from San Jose, Costa Rica

Escazu real estate testimonials
Escazu mountain homes for sale with great mountain and valley views

I am very satisfied with the post sale services Ivo’s staff has offered me

Ivo Henfling’s services were a critical factor in my decision of moving to Costa Rica. The willingness of Ivo and his assistants to help with more than just finding a place to stay made a big difference in my ability to embed myself in the life of the country.

Finding a lawyer, opening a bank account, getting advice on certain basic things like phone lines and internet made it possible for me to make a relatively easy transition into a culture that has very different ways of doing things than what I was used to in the US.

Market knowledge

I felt very secure in Ivo’’s knowledge of Costa Rica and the real estate market. He was able to answer questions about various properties in both Escazu and other communities, and he was familiar with properties I had seen on earlier visits. When I got down to serious consideration of a purchase, not only was he willing to show me properties listed by other agents (unfortunately not always the case in Costa Rica, it seems), but he was very forthright and honest about financial arrangements and suitability of a property to my needs.

An excellent transaction

My experience during the purchase transaction is excellent. I felt he wanted to make sure that I understood everything that was going on at each step.  When he felt something was amiss in the transaction, he raised the appropriate questions to make sure that I was getting exactly what I thought I was getting. He gave me advice for making sure that the things I ordered for my Escazu condo were exactly the things I was going to get.

During construction

I am very satisfied with the post sale services Ivo’s staff has offered me. Ivo had his commission about a year or more before the condominium was actually built, but he was very active in making sure everything went smoothly as the construction continued. He even had his wife buy fans I needed for three rooms in the condominium when I could no’t get there to purchase them myself, and he delivered them.

Janet Burke from Arizona

I’m glad we didn’t have the seller’s agent

Our realtor’’s services were an important factor in our decision of moving to Costa Rica and selling us our Escazu real estate … and I don’t know if we could have done it without them. You can’t get better than Ivo Henfling. With our expert agent, brilliant and painless … by comparison I’m glad we didn’t have the seller’s agent. He was hopeless.

Liz and Tony Smith from Bermuda

Words cannot express the deep appreciation my husband and I have for AE Costa Rica

Although we had already made the decision to move to Costa Rica prior to working with Ivo Henfling of the American European Real Estate Group, the company made our research and ultimately buying a property much easier and successful.  We were impressed with Ivo from our first experience via their web site, our initial conversation with Ivo about our needs.  Upon meeting Ivo — he actually met my flight– to the time we spent together touring the neighborhood to see Cima, Multiplaza, neighborhood options, restaurants and whatever I wanted to see — I knew Ivo was the right choice and never looked back.

A talent

Ivo has a talent for listening to people’s needs as well as an intuitive ability to understand the options that will ultimately work best for a prospective buyer.  The American European Real Estate Group has a great inventory of Escazu homes for sale and property. But so do many of their competitors.  what sets Ivo apart is who he is as a person:  genuine, caring, smart, energetic. In Costa Rica, which is no different than the US, buyers must be vigilante in finding a trustworthy and committed agent — Ivo is both without a doubt!   All who work with him bring that same sincerity and helpfulness that my family truly appreciates — well beyond the sales transaction.

Our Akitas

Words cannot express the deep appreciation my husband and I have for AE Costa Rica. Both Ivo and Catalina have done the impossible to help us with the details of the move. That included our goal to get our beloved Akitas (each 100 lbs+) safely at our new home post haste. Also, purchasing cars, getting phone and internet service, referrals for various services.

It has been 2 years since we purchased our Escazu home and we still tap into AE. That’s because they are super helpful people who we trust and who are always pleased to help us out. In fact, Catalina even helped me find Halloween costumes for my children. This included communicating via phone on my behalf with the Tica shop owners. That’s post sales service some 24 months later! For that same reason, we have also used Ivo’s services to purchase an Uvita beach home and land in Escazu.

Christina and Barry Minkin

Escazu real estate testimonials
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