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Grecia Real estate testimonialsSee what our clients have to say in these Grecia real estate testimonials:

Brooke Bishop, our affiliate real estate agent for the areas of Grecia, Naranjo, and Sarchi, has been able to accumulate an amazing amount of great Grecia real estate testimonials and customer reviews in a very short time. Brooke knows her area very well and is an expert in Grecia real estate.

She will hold your hand while looking at Grecia real estate for sale but through the closing and after getting her commission check, Brooke is still available for you.

Check below for more of Brooke’s Grecia real estate testimonials and contact Brooke to see Grecia real estate.100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

Brooke is a trusted business partner and friend!

We got to know Brooke after we first moved to Costa Rica, even though we did not use her for any real estate transaction (we rented, and didn’t know about her until after we had arrived). The more friends we made in Grecia, the more we heard people raving about Brooke and her business – she doesn’t just “find you a house” or “sell you a house.”

Once you get to know Brooke, she will be there for you no matter what. I can’t tell you how many stories we heard and continue to hear about how amazing Brooke is – not just as a real estate agent – but as someone who is always “there” for her clients with respect to any help they might need. New to the area and can’t speak English? She’ll take you to a bank and translate for you. Need help with your residency? She’ll go with you – translate, walk you through the process, and it doesn’t hurt that she knows people everywhere – both Costa Rican and American. She can be counted on, is trust-worthy, plus she is just downright nice and a great person!

Fast forward a few years to recently, when we asked Brooke if she would be willing to help us with a financial transaction. Besides being a person we knew we could trust, Brooke is fluent in Spanish – a huge plus in Costa Rica. We were scheduled to leave the country and move back to the States but had a lingering financial problem that needed to be dealt with. Brooke didn’t hesitate to help us, and actually pointed out a few additional things that we wouldn’t have thought of. We left the country knowing we could trust Brooke to handle our situation for us, and handle it she did! She went above and beyond, and we could not be happier (or thankful!) with her!

Jen & Greg Seymour

A smooth and less stressful event

The decision to move to Costa Rica was made several years before the actual move. My wife, Gloria is a Tica and decided it was necessary to return to CR to care for her aging mother.

Brooke Bishop is the perfect agent in assisting us in locating our new home in Sarchi. Her knowledge of the area we chose to begin our search was invaluable. Brooke took the time to learn the type of property we were interested in and find the home within our budget.

Brooke assisted us with recommendations for the home inspection, lawyer, communications with the seller, and was available to answer all of our questions before, during, and after the close of the sale.

I am extremely satisfied with the after close assistance Brooke provided, including change-over of electricity and water, recommendations for needed repairs and remodeling contractors. Her knowledge of the area and available services have made our move to Costa Rica a smooth and less stressful event.

As I try to think of any way to improve the purchase process, I am unable to formulate any recommendations for improvement. Thank you, Brooke!

Earl and Gloria McKinney

And our friendship continues.

When we moved to Costa Rica 6 months ago,  Brooke, our realtor was the only person we knew here.  We purchased our house in Grecia before moving.  Brooke handled everything including a driver to pick us up.  Brooke went with us to get our bank acct and utilities as well as a rental car.

And she still encourages us to call her with any questions or problems.  Just the other night another expat said he couldn’t say enough good things about Brooke.  Everyone agreed.  She helped all of us get settled.  And our friendship continues.

That girl is the smartest and kindest person we’ve met in CR!

Kevin Crosby

Brooke’s enthusiasm

We contacted agent Brooke Bishop of GoDutch Realty while still in the US, having already decided to move to Costa Rica. Her suggestions of properties for sale led to the home we eventually purchased – she found it for us before we even moved here! Brooke’s enthusiasm, knowledge, understanding of our needs and wishes and overall assistance (without ever having met us or knowing if we ever used her services once we’ve arrived) were outstanding and beyond expectations.

Once we arrived here, Brooke took us under her wings, showing us only properties that exactly met our needs and wishes in locations that we’ve already decided on (in other words, she listened, and understood our wishes and only showed us properties that met our criteria). Her knowledge of the terrain, its individual Eco-climates, location and various input added immensely to making the final decisions.

Meet Brooke who is always able to get her clients to give her incredible Grecia real estate testimonials
Meet Brooke

Brooke’s real estate expertise was only surpassed by her ability to make the transaction easy, smooth, transparent and understandable by picking the right attorney and assisting in everything from banking transactions to paying all initial taxes and bills. We leaned on her in more than one way as she perfectly acted as a guide, confidant, and translator in addition to being our real estate agent. She took us by the hand and guided us through the process without asking for anything in return.
Brooke’s service went above and beyond our expectations and belief.

Irina & Jim Just

Brooke knew we were on a mission

Grecia Costa Rica home for sale
Grecia home

My wife had contacted Brooke by email long before we came to Costa Rica. Brooke was an outstanding agent! She knew we were on a mission, and was ready to show us all the Costa Rica houses we had reviewed, and some more she had found for us. She knew her way around, was extremely well versed in the local area, culture, and fluent in both Spanish and English. Meeting her was truly like finding an old friend. She was helpful with information and answered all of our questions. She made our trip a very comfortable experience.

We had an excellent experience during the real estate purchase transaction! Brooke was able to act on our behalf and negotiated a great deal for us. Since we had already left the country, she took care of everything and kept us up to date via email.

We couldn’t be happier about Brooke’s post-sale services. Brooke has kept in touch with us and helped us arrange various services we will need. She is helping us manage the property and make sure it is well cared for until we are able to make our final move to Costa Rica. We have 100% confidence in her and trust her implicitly.

This was the best real estate experience we have ever had. We’re happy to give Brooke one of the best Grecia real estate testimonials she has ever received!

Arlene and Steve Sievers Hill

Brooke was attentive without being pushy

To anyone considering buying Grecia real estate:
We cannot recommend Brooke of the American European real estate group highly enough. When we began casually looking at real estate in Costa Rica on the Internet, there’s was the only web site that gave us all the information we were looking for. It is professionally done, easy to navigate, and got us excited about the prospect of actually seeing some Grecia homes.

Grecia Costa Rica land that has been sold thanks to these Grecia real estate testimonials
A 20-acre property in Grecia

The particular homes that attracted us brought us to Brooke Bishop, the agent who specializes in the areas we were most interested in. She impressed us immediately. Her contacts with us were timely, informational, educational, and even fun. She knew that the likelihood of us purchasing something on our first visit to Costa Rica was slim but she kept paying attention to us and organized a house hunting tour anyway.

In other Grecia real estate testimonials

Although she was attentive, she is by no means pushy, just like was pointed out in other Grecia real estate testimonials. She just responds to whatever you want. Fabulous! We developed a wonderful e-mail relationship with Brooke and were about to meet her in person on our first trip when a family illness required Brooke to return to the United States just when we were leaving for Costa Rica. We were so disappointed! But Ivo stepped in without missing a beat and we saw every Grecia home for sale we wanted to see and more.


In fact, due to Ivo and Brooke’s diligence, we did end up buying a house in the Grecia – Sarchi area and are absolutely thrilled! We closed on the house a few months ago but remain in constant contact with both Brooke and Ivo. We finally met Brooke on our more recent trip and the services she provides continued: she took us to look at appliances for our new home, constantly suggested places for us to check out for one thing or another, and generally continues to be a great source of advice.

No reservations

And it is the same with Ivo. We know that we can count on both of them to help make our upcoming move as easy as possible. They seem to really want to make sure that this huge change in our lives is a positive one. We have no doubt that it is thanks, in large part, to Ivo and Brooke. We have no reservations in highly recommending both of them as realtors and we are extremely hopeful that they are also becoming our friends.

Debi & Jim Gerling

Brooke has been very responsive

Brooke Bishop’s services were an important factor in our decision of moving to Costa Rica, it has a good reputation. Else, we will not think it is possible to do such a purchase.

Because it was an international purchase, it was a complicated process. However, we appreciate the good knowledge of our real estate agent Brooke Bishop and her willingness to assist us in many challenging situations.

Our experience during the purchase transaction has been educational. We learned a lot about the local culture. After the sale, we keep working with Brooke on the Internet and Phone connection. We hope that it will be resolved soon. Brooke has been very responsive and helpful, we are very satisfied with her service.

It would be nice to give each client a checklist and the how-to manual of the things related to follow-up steps, it will be very helpful. For example, how to pay electricity, phone bills, property tax, choose a suitable Internet provider, apply a phone landline, etc.

If you are looking for a responsible and dedicated realtor for Grecia real estate, you should contact Brooke.

Jessica Chou and Der Ping

See even more Grecia real estate testimonials:

Brooke is the absolute best

Although we looked at AE’s webpage – among many others – we did not actually contact an agent until we had already moved to Costa Rica so we could look at Grecia real estate in person.

We first encountered Brooke Bishop, our AE agent when asking to see a Grecia property she had listed. While looking her up online, we had already viewed her page with Grecia real estate testimonials. After that, we subsequently viewed MANY lots and homes with Brooke in Grecia, Sarchi, and Naranjo. Ultimately, after many months of hard work on her part and ours, we bought a property in Lourdes de Cirri de Naranjo through American European and Brooke.

The purchase process was fairly smooth. We used our own attorney in Costa Rica, and Brooke was very helpful to him during the ‘due diligence’ process. The actual closing was a breeze.

Brooke is the absolute best! She is knowledgeable, reliable and dogged in her quest to find a property that is exactly what you’re looking for. We especially like Brooke because she is honest and forthright; she doesn’t pull any punches when evaluating a property or advising buyers on the pros and cons of properties. I can only assume she is the same way with sellers as well.

We can’t say enough good things about Brooke and her service. She is a gem; Her broker is very lucky to have her!

Brooke is great at what she does, and she will only get better as she continues to learn her craft.

Dick Davis and Monica Tobin in Naranjo

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Great communication, follow-up, courteous, prompt and efficient work

When we came to Costa Rica to look at properties, we worked with multiple agents of the American European real estate office as we were looking at different areas of the Central Valley. GoDutch really helped establish a comfort zone when making our property purchase

We experienced great communication, follow-up, courteous, prompt and efficient work. There was no need for us to attend the closing of our property, closed through a POA, Ivo kept us well informed and exceptionally guided us through the process, representing our interests as meaningful as our Attorney in Costa Rica.

We are very satisfied with the post-sale services my realtors have given us. Post-sale communication is on-going with Ivo and Brooke. Working with these professionals is like becoming part of a family.

Dom & Alisa Porto in Escazu

Brooke is a credit to her company

Brooke Bishop was an incredibly important factor in buying my property in Grecia. She was fantastic, I can’t think of anyone more helpful during an extraordinary purchase such as this. My purchase experience was a lot easier than expected.

Brooke made things easy in all aspects: lawyer, post-purchase, and property management. She went above and beyond with everything. Brooke accommodated me and really made me feel comfortable.

I just wish I had more means to buy more property in Costa Rica. My visit was not a vacation and I wasn’t expecting much.  Fortunately, Brooke made my business feel like a vacation and didn’t pressure me at all. I literally feel bad about how much work she did versus how much work I did in this process.

Brooke is a credit to her company, just as it shows in her Grecia real estate testimonials, and if she is a typical agent, GoDutch Realty is a credit to the Costa Rican real estate community.

Daniel Guenzler in Grecia

Additional and valuable information

Brooke was very helpful in providing a lot of additional and valuable information with respect to living in Costa Rica. She was very knowledgeable about costing and was able to answer all of our questions.

Her helpfulness made us more comfortable with moving forward with our decision to purchase in CR.
Brooke was very helpful and very patient with us with all our questions. She was very accommodating and listened to our needs. Her response time to our questions was also excellent via email.

The closing went fairly smoothly – any delay was due to the sellers, not Brooke’s.

Thank you Brooke!

Natasha Killy

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