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Heredia covers quite a bit of territory, the reason for having Heredia real estate testimonials and customer reviews from different agents and since Rudy Matthews is our Costa Rica home specialist, he is kind of all over the map and not really specialized in Heredia. Also, Cariari is located in Heredia, but we have a separate Cariari real estate testimonial page for that area.

Heredia luxury homes for saleWe hope that our affiliate partners for Heredia, Xinia Salazar and Manuel Calvo will soon send us some updated Heredia real estate testimonials and customer reviews, because Xinia has some incredible Heredia luxury properties for sale and some beautiful residential building lots too.100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

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Xinia is on top of the situation


Xinia Salazar sold our house recently and it was an absolute pleasure working with her. She sold the house in a very short period of time and only brought by qualified buyers. She is bilingual and speaks perfect English, which was a plus for us, as we are not that proficient in Spanish. She was available at all times to take us through the selling process. She was on top of the situation at all times and took care of every little detail from beginning to closing. An excellent real estate agent. “5 STARS”

Lee & Sharon Harris  formaly of San Francisco de Heredia

Rudy is very versatile, attentive, resourceful, and helpful


My wife and I had serious concerns about buying a pre-construction house in a foreign country, without knowing Spanish or having family and friends in Costa Rica.  Without a competent and efficient real estate agent, we would not have bought any property in Costa Rica, much less a pre-construction house.  We read and listened to stories about the many pitfalls of pre-construction and began thinking of many “what if” questions to ask our agent, Rudy Matthews, and the Builder ofHomes in Carairi, Heredia for saleour house. Because we had so many questions, we were skeptical that we would have all of our questions directly and efficiently answered. I explained to my wife that if just one “what if” question isn’t answered to our satisfaction, then we would walk away from the deal.

Rudy addressed all of our concerns and we signed a pre-construction contract. The construction of our house was completed ahead of schedule. For a reasonable fee, Rudy helped supervise the monitoring of our construction and his contractor-friend found several minor deficiencies that were corrected by the Builder.  Rudy also successfully explained what we wanted to our Architect and made some valuable suggestions for improving our house.

Rudy is very versatile, attentive, resourceful, and helpful. Even after we moved into the house, Rudy was still there to help us. We spoke to four different agents before selecting Rudy as our agent.; We were equally impressed with Rudy’s company as they seemed to have the best listings in the Central Valley.

Our attorney, Roger Petersen, wrote the book, “The Legal Guide to Costa Rica.” Rudy recommended Roger, but even before we even met Rudy, we read Roger’s book which we thought was excellent. Roger’s legal advice helped save us money.


Xinia was the best

July 29, 2012

If you want to buy or sell a house in Heredia, Costa Rica we highly recommend working with Xinia Salazar.
Xinia was the realtor that sold our house recently. Because there is no multiple listing service in Costa Rica my wife and I had to list the house with several realtors. Xinia brought more goodHeredia Industrial Warehouses for sale and for rentprospects to see our house than all the other realtors combined.Meet Xinia here

Xinia always gave us advance notice of when she would show the house for sale.  After the showing she reported back to us what the prospective buyers liked and didn’t like about the house.  Based on this feedback we made a few small changes to the house and were able to sell it in a difficult market.

We have become friends with the buyers.  They told me from a buyer’s prospective that Xinia was the best and most professional realtor to work with.  She listened to their requirements and was able to show them several houses that they liked.  
If you work with Xinia Salazar you will not be disappointed.

Daniel and Patricia Wittkopp

Even 9 months later

We would just like to thank Rudy and Ivo for all their help with the purchasing of the Heredia house in San Joaquin de Flores Costa Rica.

Heredia homes for sale Not only did they both provide excellent service during the purchase process, but they have been more than willing to answer any questions that we had even 9 months later. They have provided great information on shipping companies, general contractors and other helpful advise for the new homeowner in Costa Rica. We were so pleased with their service that we recently provided their contact information to a fellow government purchasing professional based in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Thanks for all your help guys. Contact Rudy.

David Phipps and Garry McMullen

Congratulations for having an employee at this level

Dear Ivo

Please accept this letter in recognition of Rudy Matthews who recently handled our residential Heredia real estate transaction. Rudy worked very hard for us to make the sale a possibility and he represented our best interests at every step. He recommended only the most professional associates to handle every detail of the sale.

Rudy was always extremely accessible and easy to work with. Since we were not in the country, we obviously trusted him with our property and possessions and we were not disappointed. In addition to every detail of the sales transaction, Rudy arranged for property management, legal services, relocation assistance and many other details. He was truly a full service broker.Heredia - Santo Domingo homes for sale

We would be happy to recommend Rudy to anyone who is buying or selling Costa Rica real estate. I made the purchase of a house in the Condo Los Sauces in Heredia in the month of October 2010. Our Realtor was Mr. Rudy Matthews, who personally handled all our requests in a proactive and efficient manner.

In the process of approval of the bank loan, Rudy was a great help to provide the required documentation expeditiously. His suggestions and solutions were really appreciated.

We thank Rudy for all his support and congratulations to Ivo Henfling for having an employee at this level.

Any reference I am at your service.

Gabriela Paniagua, Heredia

No coincidence

Again a sincere thanks Ivo for your follow up and professionalism, it is something severely lacking in CR. I can see that it is no coincidence that 2 independent people recommended you without any sort of prompting.

Best wishes,

Leo Shafto in Heredia

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