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Find out all about Peter Marte’s Samara Beach real estate testimonials and customer reviews.  For Samara beach real estate we offer the services of an extremely service minded real estate agent in the Samara beach area of Costa Rica. Our affiliate partner Peter Marte sells Samara beach real estate and takes care of your particular interests. Peter has some great ocean view properties and Samara homes for sale. Contact Peter for a tour of his Samara properties for sale.

Peter surpasses all others

Ivo. Thanks for your explaination about the FATCA article. I want to take a moment to inform you of what a great agent Peter Marte is. He knows everyone in the Samara area and is more helpful than any realtor I’ve ever encountered.

Brooke is incredibly helpful as well, but Peter surpasses all others that I have come into contact with.

Gracias, Thomas Rosenberger

We feel blessed to have Peter on our team

Peter is extremely helpful and I don’t know what to do without him.  He truly is amazing and we are very blessed to have him on our team.  Now… I feel the same way about you!!!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

I believe you will do your best and I look forward to hearing from you over the next 4 days.
Pura Vida, 
Michele100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

We believe that Peter is knowledgeable, trustworthy and a perceptive analyst of the local economic trends

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in favor of Mr. PETER MARTE. My wife and I have known Peter for approximately seven years and were it not for his professionalism, honesty and profound knowledge of the Costa Rica real estate market, especially in the Samara/Carrillo area, we would not be the proud owners of Casa Sevana in Carrillo.

Samara Beach real estate and beach propertiesOn our first trip to Costa Rica in 2004 we had not intention of buying a house or land in Samara , but one afternoon we dropped into a real estate office simply to check on what Samara beach real estate was available and what opportunities there were for construction – my wife had a special interest in this because she is an architect. We met Peter and he was most diligent in showing us Samara houses for sale and land in each case pointing out both the good and the bad features. There was absolutely no pressure, but what impressed us most was the careful analysis he offered of the negative features in each site visited.

We were captivated by Carrillo and by the trust we felt in Peter. Some month later, my wife returned for a more extensive search under Peter’s guidance and in the end we bought a piece of land in Carrillo with Peter as our representative. Peter continued to be helpful in the numerous bureaucratic procedures we had to get through before we were able to erect our house.

Some months after our initial purchase Peter asked us whether we would be interested in buying a farm and in Samara as an investment. I had never bought land as an investment in my entire life, but we were so impressed with Peter’s knowledge of the local scene and we trusted him so fully that we did make the purchase he recommended. I turned out to be the best deal I had ever undertaken. Less than three years later Peter recommended selling this same piece of land if we did not intend to build on it, at almost four times our cost!

In sum, we believe that Peter is knowledgeable, trustworthy and a perceptive analyst of the local economic trends. We recommend him without the lightest reservation.

Herbert Weiss, Emeritus Professor, BC. City University of New York

I placed my trust in Peter and was not disappointed

I gladly write this letter on behave of PETER MARTE, whom I met when looking to buy a property in the Samara area two years ago. Throughout the entire process of purchasing my property Peter acted on my behave in a professional, transparent, knowledgable manner, never failing to make himself available.Meet Peter Marte, our Samara Beach real estate agent

MySamara beach real estate purchase and all other dealings with Peter has been a very positive experience. I placed my trust in Peter and was not disappointed and would not hesitate to recommend Peter as a person of good character, an honest, capable, competant business professional.  Please feel free to contact me with any inquiry.

Mr. Dean Kirkpatrick, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Assisting us at every step of the process

“Our family and friends used Peter’s services for four real estate transactions. He was always very helpful, honest and responsive in all our interactions, assisting us at every step of the process, and providing his help and advice extending well beyond his duties. We will continue to use his services, and we highly recommend him to everyone who is seeking help of a trustworthy Samara beach real estate professional”.


And have never regretted it..!

In 2000,  I somehow found my way to a beautiful area in Costa Rica….SAMARA……I had been told to find a  Peter Marte, and he would help guide me through the area and if I was interested in purchasing Samara beach real estate, he would be the Realtor to work with.  After spending three days tromping through the brush, Peter showed me a ocean view lot that I immediately fell in love with…then to top it off he had conversation with my husband regarding purchasing a Samara beach real estate commercial property downtown, regarding Peter as a real estate visionary for the area, we purchased both properties…and have never regretted it..!
Good advice from Peter has lasted for all these years. My husband and I have relied on Peter and his wife and business partner Melissa, for all sorts of issue. Living in New Jersey, it is difficult to keep on top of Costa Rica tax changes, survey issues or just simply getting the Samara beach real estate that we purchased cleared of over growth. Peter and Melissa have always been there for us for any issues or questions we may have had…He is very prompt with getting back to us, honest as the day is long, and has a living/working knowledge of the Costa Rican real estate market.  And to top all this off,  Peter has a delightfully positive sense of humor, that makes working with him a pleasure!

Jim and Kristina Papianni, Warren NJ

Peter guided us through the purchase and ensured that everything was done correctly and to our specifications

“Five years ago, we were looking to purchase property in the area of Samara. We had a very good idea of what we were looking for and met with a couple of realtors who managed to show us things that were nothing like what we had described to them. Then we met Peter. On our first visit there he took us to several properties. It was clear that he had paid careful attention to identify places that reflected what we were interested in. The third site we visited that first day was perfect in every way, and we made an offer within a few days.Samara beach real estate for sale

Peter guided us through the purchase and ensured that everything was done correctly and to our specifications. During these past five years, we have been developing the Samara beach real estate. Peter, and his amazing wife and partner, Melissa, have assisted and advised us in so many ways. They have been so pleasant and so very helpful, it has made this experience so much easier for us knowing that we have someone there watching out for our best interests. We have complete confidence in their abilities, expertise and honesty.

Purchasing and developing property in a foreign country can be a difficult and frustrating process. Peter and Melissa never hesitate to lend a hand, or just give advice. We look forward to visiting them each time we travel to our beautiful spot of heaven in Costa Rica. We often think how lucky we are to have found them.”

Michael Flowers and Daryl Wells, Chicago.

I am now developing my property and have relied on Peter many times already

Several years ago I bought two parcels of land in Costa Rica. I had the good fortune of working with Peter Marte who brokered the deal for the owners and myself. I have worked with many realtors over the years in the U.S. and I have to say that I have never  worked with an agent as professional, knowledgable and avialable as Peter.  I am now developing my property and have relied on Peter many times already. He has provided me with much valuable information, advise and contacts of other reliable professionals. To sum it up Peter in my book is a consumate professional who incorporates honesty and integrity in dealing with his clients.

Dr.Henry Korn, New York.

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