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Three Farms Available from $60K-$78K For Sale

US $60,000
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  • MLS ID: 9036
  • Price: US $60,000
  • Acre-Lot size: 17.07
  • Meters Squared Hectares: 6.908141
  • Location: Lake Arenal and San Carlos
  • City: Los Chiles
  • Property Type: Farms and Ranches

Property Description


  • Area: Cobano, San Antonio, San Carlos de Alajuela  (Close to Los Chiles, Costa Rica/Nicaragua border)
  • Farm #1 Size:  17.07 Acres (6.908141 Hectares) = $60,000
  • Farm #2 Size:  22.75 Acres (9.207792 Hectares) = $78,000
  • Farm #3 Size:  22.85 Acres (9.245647 Hectares) = $79,000
  • Farms are located within 4km of each other
  • Great agricultural area
  • Purchase all together at a discounted price
  • The value of  trees and cattle will be assessed at the time of sale. This value may be added to sale price or may be harvest on sale confirmation.

Property Details:  This are is a perfect climate for agricultural farming.  The location is in a town called Cobano which is by San Antonio and just before Los Chiles and then the Northern border to Nicaragua.  The farms are already planted with many mature producing plants & trees.  This area, south of Los Chiles and north of Santa Rosa 3.8KM east of Highway 35, has a perfect climate for agricultural farming (trees, cattle, pineapples, sugar cane, etc). They provide both long-term and short term cash flow with the combination of tree growing (Teak/Melina) and cattle grazing. It is predicted with the new opening of checkpoint in Los Chiles for Costa Rica/Nicaraguan border, value will increase substantially. Farms are all within 4 km of each other.

Below is the information on what is planted on each farm and they can be purchased separately or together.  There is a caretaker who has been a trusted employee for 17 years and is highly recommended to the new owners!  He knows how to trim the trees, harvest them, who to contact to sell the wood, what grows best in the area and everything else needed for the area/ownership of these lands.

Much of the value of the lands planted with the trees ARE the trees.  If you are not interested in the trees, they can be harvested at our cost (and profit) and you can buy the farms (with trees) at a lower price.  Farm #2 is at a lesser price because no trees have been planted for harvesting.

FARM OVERVIEWS (1 hectare = 2.47105 acres)


  • 6.908141 hectares
  • 0.500949 hectares of Teak approximately 12 years old with trunk diameters between 50-60 cm.
  • 5,0 hectares planted January 2016.
  • Location does not border Farms #2 and #3.


  • 9.07792 hectares
  • Used for cattle grazing (11 cows, 1 calf, and one new calf born July 2016).
  • Coral with electricity and water available. Structure also available for tenant.
  • Grass planted over half the property for cattle in 2015.
  • Location does not border Farms #1 and #3.


  • 9.245647 hectares
  • 4,889409 hectares of Teak approximately 12 years old with trunk diameters 50-70cm.
  • Location does not border Farms #1 and #2.
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