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Price Reduced Osa Peninsula Palm oil producing 242 Acre farm For Sale

US $699,000
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  • MLS ID: 79594
  • Price: US $699,000
  • Acre-Lot size: 242.14
  • Meters Squared Hectares: 979,910 m2
  • Location: South Pacific Beaches
  • City: Dominical Beach Real Estate
  • Property Type: Farms and Ranches
  • Specific Property Type: Agricultural farm

Property Description

Price Reduced Osa Peninsula Palm oil producing 242 Acre farm for sale. Not far from Piedras Blancas National Park and Corcovado National Park in the town of Chacarita you will find Finca Perro Grande.

The Farm is in its second year of harvest. Palm is producing at 6 tons per month. Projected to be at 12 tons per month by dec. 2018.

The farm will start its second year of palm production in March 2018. Here is the harvest forecast for several years. The trees are healthy and showing great results. All numbers are based on a $145 per ton rate. The price for palm was down but is now back on a steady climb up.

Year 1. Production 3 tons x 40 hect. @ $145 $ 17,400

Year 2. Production 6-8 tons x 40 hect. @ $145 $ 34,800 – $ 46,400

Year 3. Production 12-14 tons x 40 @ $145 $ 69,900- $ 81,200

Year 4. Production 17-21 tons x 40 hect. @ $145 $ 98,600- $ 121,800

Year 5 – 21 Production trees are mature now and at full production 21 tons

The farm consists of 98 hectares, 34 hectares with 5-year old producing African palm which makes palm oil. 5 more hectares are available for future planting.

9000 mature trees were planted 5yrs ago and 400 plated recently. A 10-year contract is in place with Coopeagropal to buy everything it grows at market price.

Coopeagropal is 2 miles down the highway from the farm making transportation cost very low.

The farm is located on the main highway 34. It has over 7 kilometers of internal roads, 4 room caretaker house with power, water, and septic.  It has a storage unit next to it for all tools and supplies. There is an owners cabin halfway up the mountain with spectacular views.

4 streams run through the farm and also a freshwater spring. The farm is completely fenced in with 4 wire fence.

12 acres of Melina wood ready to be cut. The farm sells the wood to the local community for an extra added bonus.

The back of the farm is primarily jungle with more than 2 hectares of premium hardwood that is available to harvest to build more structures.

This area has the richest soil and receives the most rain in Costa Rica and for palms the more rain the better! There is no need for expensive irrigation because of the huge volume of rain the farm gets.

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