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Over 3 acres at Whales Tail Estates for sale For Sale

US $139,000
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  • MLS ID: 48760
  • Price: US $139,000
  • Acre-Lot size: 3.63
  • Meters Squared Hectares: 14674
  • Location: South Pacific Beaches
  • City: Uvita
  • Property Type: Residential Lots
  • Specific Property Type: Estate lot

Property Description

Let the Dream Begin!!! We now have over 3 acres at Whales Tail Estates for sale.

Owning and living in Costa Rica is a retreat for the soul. It’s backing-up from a successful life at home and taking a new turn towards relentless good weather, blue skies, sparkling surroundings, fresh foods everywhere, healthy living, exciting jungle sounds and smells at your doorstep, the friendliest people in the world (check it out! It’s true!), and power-relaxing with a knock-out view that can only be seen to be believed.

Two powerful plantels slope quietly down from the private road at El Brenon in the Whales Tail Estates, Uvita. This lot permits creative use of the land and the common option of simply moving it around a bit to suit your fancy.

If the main building at the end of your driveway and a swimming pool one level below it fits your dreams, you won’t believe that there’s also a private pathway down to your own jungle waterfall beginning only a couple of steps away.

Imagine a safe, five-minute walk through your own slice of lush Costa Rican rain-forest, while bright yellow sunlight cracks through the towering green canopy overhead, to the tune of monkeys, birds, and other tropical fauna, while the ubiquitous smell of the Ylang-Ylang flower from the famous Chanel No.5 Perfume Tree fills your senses, the cool upwards mountain breezes cool your skin and soothe your own deep breathing, and you lose your thoughts in paradise while the mountain stream below you comes into view.

Pull up a chair beside the year-round waterfall and let heaven in for a while.

This is Costa Rican living at its best, with enough money left over to build the castle of your dreams.

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